K-2 Team Newsletter

January 13, 2020

Principal's Message

This past week it was great to see our scholars jump right into the new year ready to learn and grow. We were beyond excited to hear about all the growth our scholars are making on MAP thus far and the gains they make now will put them on the trajectory to get into top tiered colleges!!! Keep up the amazing work because we know this success was not an accident...it was due to your perseverance in pushing our scholars to be G.R.E.A.T. everyday! Also, shout out to our Kinder team for a wonderful team building obstacle course on Friday. A great reminder that no matter the obstacles faced in life (whether you're a scholar or educator) you have a support system in place to help you make it through here at EEP.

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School Wide Focus

Priority #2: No Opt Out Academics

For the month of January we are focusing on how to “build in strategies that encourage 100% participation and thinking” and continuing on with HOD.

  • (NEW) Pushing for Evidence though HOD - After each question asked to scholars, scholars should agree, disagree, or sign to add on. Then they should defend their answer to the other person and look at them.


Teacher- Why did the character cry?

Scholar 1- He cried because he was sad...

Scholars- Show yes, no, or add on right after scholar 1 answers

Teacher- Calls on another scholar showing either yes, no, or add on

Scholar 2- (Speaking to scholar 1)... I agree with you because, I disagree with you because, OR I like what you said, but I want to add on....


Thank you everyone for your patience as we begin to look at entering more scholars into the S-Team process. This is something that we take very seriously as a K-2 team and we want to ensure we are doing everything to get our scholars the support they need. Here are a few things to keep in mind moving forward as we begin to streamline how we do S-Teams in 2020!

  1. Filling out a scholar of concern doc does not guarantee an S-Team - we have to pull multiple sources of data to create a full picture of each scholar’s story and this does take time

  2. In order to set up an S-Team meeting you must have completed the paperwork that comes from Dr. P - until then do not communicate anything to families because there are additional qualitative data pieces that the admin team must also collect before a meeting can be scheduled

  3. If a child is moved to consent for evaluation it’s a 60 day process so we must continue interventions until the results come back

Exemplars of the Week

Deans of Academics


Progress monitor your Tier 2 and 3 scholars on Friday, January 17th. It’s important that we gather another data point before deciding which scholars will be in RTI groups this semester and which have graduated.

RTI Student Work

For all tiered students, we will also start keeping copies of exit tickets and assessments to have work samples to look through should the student begin the S-Team process. Please create a file or folder to store their work samples.

Dean of Culture

This week we are going to continue to focus on transitions! Transitions set the tone for the class or the activity that follows it. Transitions can also eat into your class time. Tomorrow time your transitions and challenge your class to bet that time. Stop signs have been posted in the hallway. Where you see a stop sign this is where you line should stop. Be sure to place your body where you can see the entire line, and do your “Be Seen Looking” moves to show scholars you expect 100%. In line all scholars should have shirts tucked in and they should be silent, safe, and speedy. In order to model silence, let’s narrate what we want to see in a whisper voice. If the line you are running does not meet your expectations have them do it again.

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This week’s WIG WINNER IS…

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Dean of SEL

We will continue our focus on Leader in Me this week. We will be reading a story about Sammy the Squirrel and focusing on being proactive, which aligns with our habit of the week. Teachers should try to use the vocabulary when students need to take responsibility for their words or actions.

Additionally, I will be conducting a leadership notebook check this week, so please have your materials ready! I am excited to see all of your progress! (Kindergarten- you should have at least the title page and an “about me” section!)

A small group for scholars with incarcerated family members will begin this week as well, so please send any last minute names my way if you need to!

Habit of the Week: #1 Be Proactive

“I am in charge of me!”

I can take responsibility for my actions, feelings, and words. I am in control of how I react to others. I can make choices that benefit me. I can admit when I have made a mistake, and work towards making it better.

Operations Important Information


In an effort to keep us all safe, DO NOT PROP doors open unattended. We get at least one picture a week from other staff members who would like to remain safe.

Mid-Year Evaluations

During the week of January 27, 2020 Principals and Deans of Academics will be hosting Mid Year Teacher Evaluations. During this time, all East End Prep teachers will have their evaluation meetings. To sign up for your meeting, please place your name into the schedule included here. As you schedule your sign up time, please be sure to consult your schedule and classroom responsibilities in the given time slot.

What is the MOY evaluation?

Throughout the school year you have been observed by the administrative team, including observations from your coach (teacher and admin). This collection of observations will be used to rate your performance in various domains of the Teacher Development Rubric.

What do you need to do to prepare?

To prepare, teachers should review their MOY evaluation rubric scores sent via email on Friday, January 24th. Teachers who feel a rating does not best reflect their teaching practice, will be allowed to bring artifacts that provide evidence to support their claim. This is not a required step and it is only necessary if teachers believe a rating does not reflect what is true in their teaching practice. Please note that evidence provided will not automatically result in a rating change but will be taken into consideration by the evaluation team.

What to expect at the meeting?

During your evaluation meeting, we will review the administrative team ratings, as well as personal areas of strength and an area of growth to focus on for the remainder of the year. Teachers are highly encouraged to come to their scheduled meeting having reviewed their ratings in advance, including any questions and/or evidence with rationale to prove competencies found within the rubric. At the end of the meeting all parties will sign off on the evaluations and discuss intent to return for the 2020-2021 school year.

Upcoming Events

Jan 13th-17th

MAP Testing cont.

Jan 17th

Puppet Shows

1st @ 8:30

Kinder @ 9:30

*Paycheck Cart

Jan 20th


Jan 27th-31st

MOY Evaluations

Jan 30th

Progress Reports

Jan 31st

NO PD - Mental Health Day

*Paycheck Cart

PD Calendar

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Shout Outs

Congrats to our G.R.E.A.T. Winners of the Week and check out the Class Photo of the Week!

Staff Absences

January 13th

Emily Tibbs (2nd)

January 14th

Liza Graham (Kinder)

*1/2 day PM

January 17th

Kelley Simpkins (1st)

Reminders (new bolded)

  • Save RTI academic work and time transitions

  • All elements of AgMo should be in place (pathways, laps, codes, data trackers, and a response to the data)

  • All boards should be updated with the current date, objective (SWBAT..), and the common core standard code

  • Grades should be updated in Illuminate weekly

  • All lesson plans for the week should be on a clipboard or other system (i.e. binder/folder)

  • Principal and GLLs should be notified of late arrivals (after 7:28 am) or "early outs" (before 3:45 pm). Please see K-5 Playbook for details.

  • Use Kronos to schedule an absence in advance and input all unplanned absences in Kronos within 24 hours of your return
  • All sub plans should be updated immediately after an absence

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary Principal