The Amazing Rainforest

by Gabe

The three major geographical areas of the worlds biomes are South America,Africa,and Asia. (Biomes of the world).The climate of the Rainforest is the Tropical Rainforest recieves 80-400 inches of rainfall per year.It rains a lot in the Temperate rainforest too-about 100 inches per year.And even more moisture comes from the coastal fog that hovers among the trees.The layers of the Rainforest are the Emergent layer,Canopy layer,Understory layer,Shrub layer,Forest floor,and the Subterranean.(biue planet biomes) A few specific adaptations that living things in the Rainforest have that help them survive are the Probocis monkeys noses swell and turn red when they become excited or angry.They also make loud honking sounds as a warning when they sense danger.Strangler figs have an aggressive growth habit that insures its survival in the Rainforest.Chimpzees have developed several adaptions.At night chimps construct nests of leaves and branches 18-29 feet high in a tree.(blue planet biomes)What makes the tropical rainforest a unique biome is it has more kinds of trees than any other area in the world. Fun facts!! .Rainforests now cover less than 6% of earths land surface. (Blue planet biomes)Tropical rainforests produce 40% of earths oxygen.(blue planet biomes)