World War 2

When it all began and more

When it began and ended; What was the cause

The war began on September 1939 and ended in August 1945. This war all began when Hitler had a pact with Stalin that meant Hitler wouldn't face a war in the two fronts once he invaded Poland, but on September 1st, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland. Then two days later, France and Britain declared war on Germany, beginning World War 2.

Who was the leader?

Adolf Hitler

He became the leader in July 29 1921. In 1925 he published the first volume of Mein Kampf, which outlined his political beliefs. Then in 1933 Hitler is called Chancellor of Germany. After he's names that in 1935 he introduces a military draft in Germany. After that, in 1939 he invades Poland from the West not keeping his pact with Stalin.

Goal of World War 2

Americans were fighting to defeat tyrannny. Most of Europe had been conquered by Nazi Germany, which was under the grip of Adolf Hitler.

Quote from Adolf Hitler and Student Analysis

Quote: " As in everything, nature is the best instructor."

Analysis: I believe that this quote means that nature no matter what will always teach you lessons and will always lead you to the best decision and the best path in life. Also, that nature no matter what it does it will always be inspirational.

Student Analysis

I believe the goal was achieved. World War 2 affected life in Texas by helping launch the modernization and urbanization in Texas. In the United States some moved to new defence industries, but this caused severe social problems, resulting in high divorce rates, housing shortages, and schools which were unable to cope with the huge influx of children.

Economic, Social, Political Impacts

Economic: Economic growth decline due to lack of government spending(bad), A more equal distribution of wealth(good).

Social: During the war, many women entered the work force to fill the void left by the men who are at the war, the immigration led to a lot of animosity and discrimination against Mexican Americans.

Political: After World War 2 the Soviet Union annexed countries into Soviet socialist republics, also a revitalized economy.