Andrew 'Hero' Jackson

Worcester vs. Georgia

Jackson wanted the Indians out of Georgia. He told them to leave but they did not listen, he then took it to court . They said he could not move them and that infuriated him. At that point Jackson said, "well i have an army". the was the Worcester vs. Georgia case.

Killing the Bank

Jackson did not like the bank at all. He did not even like his face being on the $20 bill. Jackson used his presidential powers to veto the bank. The national was no longer around.

Kicking Them Out

Jackson did not want the Indian's on the land of Georgia. He asked them to leave and they said no that they don't have to. He had a case with the court and they said they didn't have to move either. He said "well I have an army" and they forced them out.

Letter 1: Farmer (Good View)

Andrew Jackson is great! I voted for him four years ago and I plan on doing the same today. Banks and the government try to make it harder for us and easier for the rich but Jackson is helping us out so much. He gives the people what they want and they want him.

Letter 2: Banker (Bad View)

Andrew Jackson is a horrible man who is not serving how a president should. He does not support anything that is good for the nation, we made a good system and he denied it. He does not use his power responsibly. He destroys everything that he doesn't like and it is not fair or president like.