ELA B Day November 14, 2014

Working on graded assignments -- Manage your time!

I will meet with small groups to discuss the Davy Crocket Storyteller video from Wednesday

See your deadlines below; all writing is only done at school or failed assignment

Graded Quick Write

Reminder: Choose 1 Quick Write -- that I did not grade -- and revise it multiple times. You will conference with me as well as a peer (whom I approve). Check your deadline on this document!

Reading Performance Task

You have the organizer in Classroom, and check your deadline on this page. Clarify the directions in your mind. The organizer must be done before the task! Ultimately, I will grade the Storybird

Today, I need to know which Quick Write you have chosen for me to grade! See me, please.

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If you want your "Wall of Flames" answers to check your work, come get it! I have shared story in Classroom as a reference for your Rdg. Perf. Task