The Hunting Ground

Colleges protect their reputations before yours

Join in a fight against college sexual assault

Kirby Dick's documentary The Hunting Ground is about sexual assault on and off college campuses. In this documentary Kirby Dick portrays colleges as revolting, treacherous, and cruel due to the steps they take concerning college rape. College rape is a mass problem on campus and off. Despite the serious issue colleges protect their reputation before protecting a student.
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Colleges across the United States handle sexual assault the same

All colleges will protect themselves before you. Sexual assault happens everywhere but very rarely will that sexual assault case be handled the correct way. Erica Kinsman found that out after reporting what had happen to her. After reporting not only to her college professor but the police nothing was done in her favor. Not only was her rapists whereabouts known after she had reported the rape but he also tested positive to the rape kit she had took the night of the rape at the hospital. Her rapist Jamies Winston was still allowed to play for Florida States football team. After reporting the rape Winston was allowed to finish the season and play in the national championship.

When A Bright Future Goes Dull

Elizabeth Seeberg attended Notre Dame University. She was sexually assaulted by a football player in his dorm. After reporting the rape to her parents, the university and the police on campus she was threatened. A friend of the football players made it clear to Elizabeth what she had done was wrong and a mistake. Lizzy was said to be a bright girl with a bright smile. Weeks went by and the investigation was not moving forward. It took the police 15 days before they interviewed this football player due to not knowing his whereabouts. This football player was also still allowed to play football. Lizzy's bright future had went dull. She'd stopped feeling happy and bright all the time and faced depression and anxiety. Days later Elizabeth took her life. The Hunting Ground port raid their views on college rape in a very great manner. I believe the movie is not only a way to inform other of college rape but support survivors and keep those alive who were not able to survive.

Who Stars In The Hunting Ground?

When It Happens To You

Like many other college girls Kamilah was honored and enjoyed going to college especially because she attended Harvard. She'd met the person who sexually assaulted her 3 years prior to the rape. Not only was she sexually assaulted and drugged until unconscious but her good friend was also. They were together when the male drugged them and sexually assaulted them while unconscious. Kamilah reported the report the her dean and expected the university to side with her but she was blind sided. The Hunting Ground makes it very clear that cases like this a very serious and are not properly handled at all. In this case the male was expelled but the hearing was appealed and he was allowed to go back on campus the following year as if the rape never occurred. I believe no adult working on a college will take rape seriously until it happens to them or hits little more close to home.
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