Soaring to Skyview

A newsletter for 4th graders getting ready for 5th grade

This newsletter was written by 5th graders in Mr. Engle's class. Please be sure to have your child read this newsletter for practical advice from current Skyview students!

We Count Character! by Maggie D.

Hello New Students, at Skyview we pride ourselves in having the best character. We have been awarded the title of "National School of Character." We have rules, or "pillars" of character, there are six of them, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. These spell out T.R.R.F.C.C. (terrific). We talk about character A LOT! We do it to make all of the students into the future world leaders of tomorrow. Having character doesn't mean acting out a part if that's what you were thinking, it means doing things like turning in your homework on time, being nice to people, being kind and being courteous to others, that's what character is. Also, every Friday, people get called down to the lobby to add a bead to a jar representing one of the six pillars, but this only happens if you are chosen by your teacher for acting out one of the pillars of character.
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How to be a 5th Grader - by Grace, Kareena and Melinda

  • don't wait until the last minute
  • prepare yourself for up coming assignments
  • behave, detention is a consequence
  • don't worry about lockers, you don't use them much
  • make sure you keep up with homework
  • pay attention in class
  • stay clean and organized
  • always try your best
  • be yourself
  • always do something productive
  • take notes in class
  • have fun!

Lockers - by Luca and Everett

As you know at Skyview, we have lockers. But don't be intimidated, on the first day the the teachers are right next to you to help. A great thing to do over the summer is buy a combination lock and practice. You only go to your locker in the beginning of the day and the end. Also, make you sure that you take anything you will need during the rest of the day with you. This is because you're not supposed to be visiting your locker every 5 minutes. You may also bring a few removable decorations, but not on the outside. Remember, if you cannot open your locker your teacher has the combination and some have keys. But don't worry, we're sure you'll do fine.

Lunch by Erin, Katie and Meghan

One of the things you might be worrying about is lunch. Do not fret, lunch is the time to socialize with your friends. During the first 2 -3 weeks of school you will be sitting with your classmates. Then, after that, you have the freedom to sit with whomever you want. Lunch lasts 30 minutes like before.

You can pack or buy your lunch. You can also buy snacks. There is another room you go into to get your lunch. There are 2 doors (you should go to the one with the shortest line). When you find out what lunch is, you don't have to sign up with A, B or C platter, you say what you want in line.

This year we also have lunch detentions. If you are caught doing something you're not supposed to be doing, you will get a lunch detention.

This year you get to sit with any of your friends in that lunch. You can only have a certain number of kids at that table.

We hope you are looking forward to next year!

8th Period by Regan and Diya

8th Period (2:45-3:15) is a great time to get work done, do musical activities, go on the computers/IPads, or just read. You can do any of these things and more.

The first thing you can do if you don't join a music group is get your homework done, read or do Study Island. Study Island assignments are due every week, so you might want to get those done. Reading a book is always a useful thing to do and getting homework done is sure fun when you are free for the rest of the day. 8th Period is basically a study hall, so most of the time you may do things related to schoolwork.

Another way to spend 8th period is to be involved in all musical groups. The people in band, chorus and orchestra participate in two concerts.

The last thing you can do is be involved in Student Council or BLAST. In student council you get to arrange things like the ice cream social and stuff. And in BLAST you do things like make posters and give tours.

Specials by Holly

You are probably familiar with specials from elementary school. You had music, gym, library and art with gym twice a week. Well, it is different at Skyview.

Skyview has a 6 day cycle. On the first day of school, you will have A day. The next day, you will have B, then C, D, E and F. You continue this cycle until the last day of school.

Each day of the cycle you have a different special each letter day. Our specials are music, library, Phys Ed(twice), computer literacy and art.

After a while, this schedule is easy to get used to, so don't worry! Have fun at specials!

Social Studies by Quinton

In Social Studies we have 2 groups the challenge group and the regular social studies group. I'm in the regular social studies and it's fun! We do all different games and activities to review facts. Some things we do are make a group name then another day we have a game day, we also have survival games in social studies. Even now you think this is just to make you happy and excited about these games it is also to help you study for a test or a quiz that's coming up. In challenge they do all different kinds of things, one is they use the same textbook as regular social studies but they have different tests and activities.


Science is very fun. It is a part of switches which is 3 classes - Math, Science, and Social Studies. If you are in challenge you will have Mrs. Clark for Social Studies. In Science in 5th grade you will learn about weather, rocks/minerals, natural resources, alternative energy, layers of earth and landforms. Another thing to look forward to is an awesome science lab to do cool experiments. Also you will do some really fun projects, such as the rock project and the volcano myth.

Study Island by Brandon

Study Island is when you log on and you do questions, sometimes about 20 all together - 10 for math and 10 for reading. I know some of you might know about study Island. It is basically letting you know a bit more and going over things you already know.

Outdoor Ed by Melinda and Camryn

All the wonders of Outdoor Ed,
are stuck inside two days,
the wilderness is waiting,
for you to come and play.

All the wonders of Outdoor Ed,
whether it's rain or shine,
there's loads of fun for everyone,
once you see that great big sign.

All the wonders of Outdoor Ed,
most spent with your friends,
all the challenges and activities,
that you hope will never end.

All the wonders of Outdoor Ed,
are all in the night,
jokes and skits at the campfire,
the best night of your life.

All the wonders of Outdoor Ed,
until you go to sleep,
already day one gone,
another day to keep.

All the wonders of Outdoor Ed,
you'll soon be sure to know,
the most fun you ever had,
but now it's time to go.

*Outdoor Ed is a 2-day (1 night) experience at the Outdoor School in Horsham.

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