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October 2018

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Main Line: 651-480-7390

Attendance Line: 651-480-7391
Health Office (Nurse): 651-480-7395
Kids' Campus: 651-480-7423
Hastings Bus Company: 651-437-1888

September is already behind us! We had an excellent beginning to the school year. The students have been “all smiles” and enthusiastic about learning. Of course, being back with friends and having an opportunity to make new friends is a plus too.



1 - Field Day (Remember to wear tennis shoes!)

5 - Fire Safety Day

9 - PTC Meeting @6:30pm (childcare provided)

15 - Evening Conferences & Book Fair

16 - Evening Conferences & Book Fair

17 - NO SCHOOL - Morning Conferences & Book Fair

18 & 19 - NO SCHOOL (Teacher Association Days)


8 - Picture Retakes

9 - Family Movie Night

21, 22, & 23 - NO SCHOOL


If you have any questions navigating our new conference website please contact your child's teacher or call the office at 651.480.7390. Please sign up for a time by October 9th.


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All District 200 K-4 elementary students received school bus safety training on a school bus in September. Hastings Bus Company drivers conducted the training. They have developed lesson plans that correlate with the bus safety curriculum classroom teachers cover each fall.


Check out the McAuliffe Book Fair homepage! Create and share wish lists, view book trailers, and download the app to view reading levels, book info, and recommendations.


Click here to view and sign up for volunteer opportunities this school year.


Occasionally your child's teacher will extend classroom instruction and activities through field trips. Many field trip activities include an admission fee for students. Please be aware that you may be asked to cover the cost of the trip.

Before going on a field trip, teachers will send home permission slips to be signed by their parent or guardian. Permission must be granted prior to attending an activity. Students need to provide their parents/guardians with the forms and to have them returned at least one day prior to the trip.


As the weather begins to cool, please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for playing outside. Students spend twenty minutes outside for recess.

When the temperatures start to dip into the 40’s and 50’s, we do require students to wear a light jacket or sweatshirt outside. When winter arrives, winter clothing including hats and mittens/gloves will be required.


As the school year starts, we want to support families making connections with each other. If you would like to connect with a family to schedule a play date, please do so by putting your contact information in an envelope and have your child deliver it to his/her classmate, allowing the other family to contact you to make arrangements. As a district practice, we do not create and distribute classroom directories that include class lists with family contact information.


In order to minimize interruptions to the classroom, students should not be picked up early unless it is an emergency. On those occasions when it is necessary to pick your child up during the school day, please go to the school office to sign your child out. The office secretary will call the classroom and have the student sent to the office. Teachers will not release students unless the office gives prior approval. This practice has been established to help protect your child.


We want to make sure all students are safe at dismissal. Please notify the office or your child's teacher at the beginning of the school day of any changes to their end of day plans. Changes made late in the day are challenging to communicate. Consistency with your child’s dismissal plans reduces stress on all parties involved. Keeping the same plan, day after day, helps us maintain safety throughout dismissal.

We understand that there are times when it is necessary to change dismissal plans. In those instances, it is recommended to have a note a day in advance, and the day of. Teachers will not deviate from normal end of day plans without notification from a parent. Please keep in mind that these steps are the same if your child plans to go home with a friend. If your child intends to ride a bus home with their friend, the bus driver also requires a note. We thank you for your advanced planning and communication.


Local SPANISH, Global Experience!

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See flyer below for more information.


If the Hastings Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather conditions, the Kids Campus Program will also be closed. If school is delayed two hours in opening, Kids Campus will be open at the regular time (6:30 am).

If school closes two hours early, then Kids Campus sites will close two hours early

(4:00 pm). Parents will be called and notified by Kids Campus staff to pick up their child.

Please pick up your child by 4:00 pm or authorize someone else to pick up your child by that time. Please listen to the radio and TV for school closing announcements.

Breakfast and Lunch Prices

Click here for a cost breakdown of meals for each month

Breakfast Prices

Full Pay Meal Prices:
Kindergartners FREE
Grades 1-4: $1.30

Reduce Pay Meal Price:
All grade levels: FREE

Adult Meal Price:
All grade levels: $1.80

Extra Milk or Milk Only $0.50

Lunch Prices

Full Pay Meal Prices:
Grades K-4: $2.70

Reduce Pay Meal Price:
All grade levels: FREE

Adult Meal Price:
All grade levels: $3.80

Extra Milk or Milk Only $0.50

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Community Education Recreational Opportunities for Kids

TO REGISTER: Call 651-480-7670 or register online at www.HastingsCommunityEd.com.

See newsletter below for more information.