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Social Emotional Learning Matters!

You may hear the word, SEL, when discussing the mental and social well-beings of students. Social Emotional Learning is not just a program during an allotted time of the instructional school day. Districts and schools across the nation are infusing SEL components throughout the school day in classrooms, common areas, extracurricular activities, family time, and community events. Results prove that consistent efforts in investing in students' emotional intelligence helps students become more mentally healthy and academically successful.

The video (click below), The Power of Relationships, shows how building connections between teachers and students are central to the learning process.

Read more about Why SEL Matters, the Impact on Kids, and the Impact on Schools below!

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Video: A Life Without Teachers...

What would life be like without teachers? See what some students have to say...

You make an impact and meaningful part of a student's life each and every day!

Life without Teachers

Kid President Video: HoW gOoD sPrEaDs!!!

Good spreads when good is spread...
Kid President + Glad to Give present How Good Spreads
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