Professional Growth & Development

Dr. Letitia N. Walker 2014-15

December 2014

Reflection: JIT ePortfolio Week

The JIT ePortfolio presentation was designed to present viewers/users with best practices and tips to designing, developing, organizing and adhering to the ePortfolio protocol for the purposes of documenting the professional competencies of Georgia Virtual Learning instructors. Specific attention was paid to showing users how to create profiles, add artifacts, and share the ePortfolio with other colleagues and administrators. In addition, the presenters shared the characteristics of an effective portfolio emphasizing that the “Selective” option is the best to display artifacts the represent an instructor’s teaching style. The presenters also discussed monthly requirements as well as the location of helpful resources to aid in the development of the ePortfolio. A most useful tool or shortcut pointed out by the presenters was the “Magic Box” or Dashboard as the area in which everything can be completed. The most valuable part of the presentation was the exhibition of examples and links to sample ePortfolios. The examples presented gave users a clear idea of what an effective and well-designed ePortfolio looks like. From personal profile and professional growth examples to best practices, data analysis and differentiation examples, users were presented with a plethora of samples and take-aways to build upon in the development of individual ePortfolios. The guiding principle of the evening was for ePortfolio users to begin early and maintain a steady pace and incorporate a systematic approach to collecting/storing data with regular updates and peer-review/consultation to foster success.

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January 2015

Reflection: Required Trainings

Satisfying the requirements completion for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, Child Abuse/Neglect & Mandated Reporting, and FERPA were very valuable tasks. As an 18 year veteran in the field of education, I know that it is very easy to become complacent in some areas simply due to the prevalence of other issues that may grab one's attention and time on a regular basis. These trainings were valuable in that the knowledge presented refreshed my awareness of very important issues that may come up in the educational setting. I think it was even more valuable than the yearly trainings in the traditional educational sessions because of the individualized medium through which the modules were delivered. This was a very beneficial task.
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Reflection: Accommodations in the Online Classroom

Accommodations in the online classroom was a very relevant presentation. While I find that my knowledge of providing accommodations in the traditional educational setting is very strong, I really enjoyed the relevance of the online classroom presentation. I believe all students should have the opportunity to be successful, and the best practices shared were timely, effective, and easy to implement.
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February 2015


The examples and suggestions for differentiation presented in these sessions made my job easier. Presenting a differentiated lesson online can be a challenge if one is not familiar with the tricks of the trade of effective online classrooms. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from other great GaVS educators.
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March 2015

April 2015

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Because this was my first semester with GaVS, I would have to say that the Grade Reporting & End of Semester Wrap-Up presentation help me keep my sanity. I can not imagine what the outcome would have been were it not for the detailed information that was presented. I was able to complete of the the end of year tasks without hesitation. This was a very valuable presentation.