Roald Dahl author project

By: Jackson Mundelius

Early life

On September 13th 1916 Roald Dahl was born. He spent his first 2 of his life in Llandaff Wales. After his first 2 years in 1918, his sister Else was born. After his sister was born they moved to a place called Radyr. 2 years later in 1920 when he was 4 years old both his father and sister died. Roald Dahl went to Llandaff Cathedral school in 1923, and then in 1929 Roald Dahl moved to Repton for the rest of his education.
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Later Life

Roald Dahl worked for shell oil when he got out of school. But after world war 2 he joined the air force. years later, Dahl would start his children's book career. He married Patricia Neil in 1953, and created classics like Matilda, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl would died on November 23rd, 1990 at age 74
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The Man From the South

The Man From the South stands out to me because it shows Roald Dahl's more twisted side which is different from stories like the BFG, Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, and James and the Giant Peach. I think the story is weird because there is a man betting cars for a little finger. Its also weird the way he tells the story it is from a man who isn't that important, the referee.
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