By: Fernanda Castro Hidalgo

Buoyant/ FB

Definition: An upward force caused by water or air that results in a floating object.

Agent: Water

Receiver: Wood Block

Effect: Wood Block floats

Direction: Up

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Water Pressure/ Fpress

Definition: An outward force caused by contained fluid.

Agent: Water

Receiver: Sink

Effect: Water accumulates in sink

Direction: Out

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Friction/ FF

Definition: The force between two items that works against motion

Agent: Surface

Receiver: Box

Effect: The box's motion gradually slows

Direction: Against motion

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Air Resistance/ F AR

Definition: The force between air and a surface that works against motion.

Agent: Air

Receiver: Man

Effect: Man's fall is slowed.

Direction: Against Motion

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Normal Force/ FN

Definition: The force perpendicular to an object's surface that results in support.

Agent: Table

Receiver: Book

Effect; Book is supported

Direction: Perpendicular/Up

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Tension or Elastic Force/ FT or FEL

Definition: A force cause by a string, rubber band, chain, or rope resulting in stretching or pulling.

Agent: Rubber Band

Receiver: People

Effect: Rubber band stretches

Direction: Outward

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