Poetry One Pager

By Honua Kaikala

Step 2

The 5 words that make the poem Justice let it stand by LuLu Westbrook Griffin,are Justice,Dream,fire,impact,and act.These words are important because Colored people were using justice and dream as a meaning to stop racism,they all had a fire in their heart to drive them,and Dr.King made the impact and act of protest to stop racism.

Step 3

The most important line of this poem is "Remembering that Speech Of Dr.King's "I have a Dream".This shows that every Colored person that sided with Dr.King wanted equality so much that they would be beat and bruised,soaked to the bone,even shot at to gain that freedom.

Step 4

Justice let it stand by LuLu Westbrook Griffin (example)

Justice let it stand

Like a wild fire

From Country to Country

Should be a Man's desire

The device that this is is imagery,this device adds an image of fire,a rushing river down a valley or street,and a man holding something close to him.

Step 5

My key words,imagery,and quotations all relate to each other because they all mean the same thing:Equality.My theme statement is:Everyone deserves equality,and LuLu states that in her poem:Justice let it stand,which basically states that "We will never give up our freedom of choice,and never stop fighting for our right as a person".All the items on my page give a specific theme:Equality for Colored people,they are a person.