Houston Rude

By: Ella LaVallie

Things About Houston

Houston's most extreme fear is getting bit by a shark in the ocean. His favorite t-shirt is a orange camouflage t-shirt. He likes it because he likes the look of camouflage and he likes hunting. In 20 years he thinks he will be working as a engineer. Houston's favorite type of music is pop and his favorite singer is Lil wayne. Also, his favorite song is Look at Me now. His favorite book genre is mystery and his favorite author is R.L.stien. If Houston can be anything for 1 day it would be a monkey so he can sit around and eat bananas all day. If Houston had money to help anyone or any group of people he would help the homeless. If Houston had 3 wishes they would be to be a billionaire, be able to fly, and to have super strength. If he had one day do do absolutely anything it would be to go to great america. Houston's favorite TV show is iZombie because they solve cool crimes involving zombies. Also, his favorite actor is Shia Labeouf. If Houston can travel anywhere in the world he would go to Alaska because he wants to see what it would be like to live there. After Houston graduates he would like to go to Colorado so he can work and become a engineer there. Houston's favorite restaurant is Chilli's because he loves the pasta there. Finally, if Houston could meet anyone living now or in the past it would be Shia Labeouf because they is he favorite actor. The first thing then Houston would say to him is, 'How did u come so famous''.