Year 3 Newsletter

Weekly information from D3CP & D3MA

A Stunning Start to Key Stage Two!

What a fantastic beginning to Year 3. The children have spent two weeks settling in to their new classes, met their new teachers, made new friends and have already produced some excellent work in their brand new workbooks. We have begun English and Maths lessons, started following a new routine for changing reading books and most exciting of all, have enjoyed P.E lessons on the field and at the swimming pool! Both Miss Allen and Mr Pilling are very impressed with how well the children have adapted to their new learning environments and the higher expectations of Year 3.

This week the children have:

  • Learnt about the correct way to present work in Key Stage 2;
  • Used the iPads to show their understanding of Francisco's feelings in our class story;
  • Read carefully to answer inference reading comprehension questions;
  • Concentrated carefully on the correct formation of lower and upper case letters in handwriting;
  • Read with our teachers in a Guided Reading session;

  • Looked at adding numbers beyond a boundary of 10;

  • Identified symmetry in 2D shapes;

  • Used magnifying glasses to study the details of caterpillars for observational drawings;

  • Been given our first official piece of Year 3 homework.

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Year 3 celebrate the success of the first ever JSD walk to the Overbosch swimming pool.

The Week in Pictures

The Week Ahead

Next week sees the continuation of the formal curriculum:

  • Knowing what each digit represents in a 3 digit number, including '0' as a placeholder;
  • Say the number that is 1, 10 or 100 more or less than a given number (including crossing boundaries of 10 and 100);
  • Using some drama strategies to explore 'La Mariposa';
  • Learning how to write an email to Francisco to thank him for our caterpillars and ask him questions;
  • Continue to work on basic letter formation in handwriting;
  • Build on inference reading comprehension skills;
  • Use a range of art materials to design symmetrical patterns in nature;
  • Continue to plan and design our own superheroes for our comic books in ICT;
  • Discuss feelings and empathising with others;
  • Watch our caterpillars grow and develop over the week!

Dates For Your Diary

23/09/13 - After school CCAs begin.

27/09/13 - PRC nominations close

04/10/13 - JSD 10th anniversary celebration event

10/10/13 - PRC Meeting (15:30)

10/10/13 - Family Association AGM (19:30)

11/10/13 - Family Association Bring and Buy Sale