Texting and Driving

9 facts you most likely didn't know.

How many everyday?

On average there are about nine people everyday who are killed from distracted driving.

How often?

Based on experiments, approximately 1 in 4 people are injured via being distracted by a cellphone.

How many teens are witness?

The percentage of teens who say they have been a passenger in a car whose driver used a cellphone in a way that put them in danger is up to 40%.

The percentage of U.S. drivers ages 18 to 64 who reported reading or writing text messages while driving in the previous month.


Number of motor vehicle crashes in 2015 that involved texting.

341,000 cars

How much using a cellphone while driving increases the risk of crashing.

4 times as much.

Number of seconds a driver can safely glance away from the road while operating a motor vehicle.

2 seconds.

Number of seconds drivers take their eyes off the road to send a text message, on average.

5 seconds.

Age group most likely to send a text or email message while driving, according to a 2015 survey.

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