Chignahuapan lagoon

Chignahuapan, Puebla

Water pollution in the lagoon of Chignahuapan

Industrial pollution of groundwater remains a serious problem in most developed countries. Worldwide infiltration occurs toxics in soil and groundwater from gasoline storage tanks, landfills and industrial waste areas, as also the fact that visitors or residents lagoon to litter.

if I have no conscience and throw garbage on the lagunna, I would contaminate the water

if I was not careful when shooting, I would risk being arrested

If I am arrested, I would give a lot of pain and would have to pay bail

if I pay the deposit without my mom know it, would save me a sharp rebuke

if my mom did not scold me, would learn to care more for my actions and think things over

if I think more in my actions, I will not throw away or hurt the environment with my wrongdoings

and if I do good things and help my planet, I will feel better and I'll be sure I did it right

Second and third conditional