Mysteries of moon phases & tides

By:Bella Allen,Ketsia Dimone & Mairyn Miller

Tides occure 4 times a day.There are many types of tides.

Tide Names

There is a high tide, ebb tide, low tide, spring tide and neap tide. These are all the tides.

How are tides are caused and how many are there each day.

Ocean tides are caused by the gravitational pull that happens between the moon and the earth.There are 4 tides a day. Two happen the first 12 hours of the day and two in the second hour of the day.

How can the diffrent tides be useful.

In the spring tide &  high tide you can surf. Then in the neap tide & low tide you can find shells or other things in the sand.In the spring tide you have to be careful were you put your stuff or it will get wet. Some people use a tide paper to know when it is a good time to surf or swim.

End of tide Questions


Names of the Moon Phases

New - The phase of the moon  when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and is invisible or visible only as a narrow crescent at sunset.Waxing Crescent-After the new moon the sunlit portion is increasing but less than half.First Quarter & Third Quarter- happeneds when the moon is at a 90 degree angle with  the earth and sun.Waxing Gibbous- the sunlit portion is still increasing, but now it is more than halfFULL- the earth, moon and sun are in a perfect angle,so the entire sunlit part of the moon is facing us. Waning Gibbous-after the full moon the light continues to decrease.Waning Crescent-which wanes until the light is completely gone. Then is  a new moon.

The Big Question!!

How do the Moon and Tides relate to each other ?

They relate to each other because without the moon there would be no tides. If there is no moon there are no tides.

Why are There Predictable Patterns of Change Among the Moon & Tides?

Because... the moon and tides work together. So, they have the same pattern. Basically, as the moon phases change the tides change to. 

What Changes or Effects do you Think would occur if we did not have a moon?

When the moon is gone any tide will go down farther because the moon has the gravitational pull and without it there would be no pull so the water will not stay up.

The End of the Mysteries