Kew Gardens Photo Diary

BY Luke Dyer

First place

When we arrived at the school we were put into our groups and waited to go to the first area. There were many planes flying around above us. We also found a peacock when we arrived and let us get loads of free shots on him/her

We walked over to a big place with lots of different temperatures and climates

There were lots of interesting flowers there to look at and my favourite one was either the cacti or the white flower that was on the stair rail.

We then got a tour around a greenhouse

A lady gave us a big tour of all the different types of tropical rainforest trees but none of them were mature yet as they would be too big and also it takes really long for the trees to become mature but it was the closest to a real rainforest in southern england.

We ate lunch at 1 o'clock

At 1 we sat down next to a cafe to eat our packed lunch but some of us picked something up to eat instead of our packed lunch

After Lunch we went on a treetop walk.

i didn't really enjoy the treetop walk as it was really high and made me a bit paranoid but you were able to get really good views and close up looks at some of the trees.

We then walked down headed for the gift shop and bus to go back home

On the way back i saw some of the nice flowers and also in the gift shop i saw some nice orchids. People went to buy some sweets from the gift shop and then we got onto the bus and departed to go home!


None of these pictures i took myself as all my were deleted. Credit to all the photographers who took the photos on the day.