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Planned applications on the target group

For IT departments and service providers, the focus shifted clients through these changes away from the development of specialized, complex, self-contained systems and thin toward interacting platforms and smart clients that communicate via standardized and modern interfaces. Application areas of Mobile Business Looking at the alternatives in mobile solutions mobile payments objective for enterprises more closely, so some application recharge retailer clusters can be identified: For the manufacturing sector as mobile applications (ex machining of repair and support requests) are becoming increasingly important in service and support. Here open mobile solutions- especially when combined with social media approaches- an additional communication channel for customers.

This aims to improve the quality of advice and service to the customer. For some companies are mobile channels also for integrated product component. One might think here, for example, the of a heater or TV set via smart phone to replace the remote control. The trend to use the smart phone in the sense described for controlling devices will intensify in recharge retailer the future in connection with Connected Home technologies certainly still. For the service-providing sector, the above points also to meet in a modified form.

Especially mobile applications offer opportunities to an appreciation of the recent sales and service channels here. For all industries back in the internal use primarily reporting and approval processes in the foreground. Decision-makers who work a lot on the go can use pauses and waits to drive business operations from afar, their further progress would otherwise have on their return to the company will have to wait. Even in the marketing and branding optimized websites and apps are mobile of course more important. And tablets- This teaches the rapid development- become the primary access channel of the companies to their customers and employees, while a central instrument in the service and sales.

By of IT also recharge retailer rise the expectations of customers and employees at the appropriate solutions and the speed in the introduction. These facts should be considered both in strategic decisions and when planning new projects. Towards the ideal mobile application: Strategy and Preliminary The decision to develop mobile applications and services should not follow a spontaneous impulse, but be a deliberate and strategic decision for the use of the mobile channel. Many companies are already using tablet applications to support the sales and service employees. Here, CRM systems, made to order information, product and spare parts catalogs available for mobile devices and enhanced with improved, interactive presentations.

Therefore, should front the development of mobile applications and services, a number of considerations. Target group and objectives At the beginning must first define the target audience and objectives. Possible audiences for mobile applications and services are new and/ or existing customers, its own staff in service or sales, or business mobile payments objective partners recharge retailer in the BB environment. Based on the target audience, the company can then determine the objectives to be achieved with the mobile solution.

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