Ranger's Apprentice

Book 1: The Ruins of Gorlan

Written By

John Flanagan


The Ranger's Apprentice is a fantasy book.


Will didn't have a last name. He didn't have a family, much less a life. He was a short spunky kid, that hated people that tease him about his height. He did know that his father was a Battleschool hero and Will wants to make him proud. Choosing Day had finally came around the corner, and Will was ready for the day where he would be chosen to be someone's apprentice. Will was hoping to be an apprentice in Battleschool, but his "friend," Horace, had bullied him into to thinking that he won't be selected at all. Choosing Day had came, and no one was interested in taking Will as an apprentice. No one even acknowledged Will, except for a mysterious Ranger, named Halt. Will was sure he'll be stuck as a farmer, but maybe Halt knew more than Will had assumed. Will he be a farmer for the rest of his life, or will he end up being a hero after all?


The Ranger's Apprentice is The New York Times Best-Selling Series. On the cover, it says "Over 3 million copies sold!" Clearly, this is a good book, if three million copies were sold. A review from Amazon says, "I got this book from our local library 2 weeks ago. My 12 year old son read it, and loved it so much he loaned it to a friend, who loaned it to a friend, who loaned it to a friend. Yes it was passed around THAT much. I was taking a group of them to church Wednesday night and the were talking excitedly about what sounded like a really awesome new movie, and when I asked them what the were talking about, of course, it was this book. My son was bummed to find out our library doesn't have the 2nd book of the series yet, so I'm here to buy them for Christmas." I read this book as well and loved it. My brother who is fourteen years old has the entire series! He bought them because they are great books. My mom and dad read the books after my brother and loved them, too. I love the character Will because he reminds me of myself. He's short and snappy about his height. He's also a fighter and he is sneaky, like me.


There are twelve books in this series. You won't run out of books very fast. It should last you at least a month. The first book is two hundred forty nine pages. The rest of the series is around the same length. It was published in 2005, so the author could be writing more.


Will did get chosen as a Ranger, but it wasn't a walk in the park. Halt is mean, hardly ever gave praise, and drags Will on missions. He almost died a few times. Will and Halt had to hunt deadly half gorilla, half bear animals called the Kalkara. Will Halt and Will make it out alive?