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Information and Updates for the Week of September 19, 2022

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Week of September 19, 2022

Faiss Flyers,

Not too many updates for this week...

We are excited to be celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month! Throughout the month, students will be hearing about and learning about different members of our society, both current and past, that have contributed to the story of America.

Please mark your calendars for our Annual OctoberFaiss on Friday, October 14, 2022 from 4pm-7pm. There will be a variety of games and food options. Only current Faiss students and their families may attend. More information about this event will be in next week's newsletter.

Picture makeup day is this week on Friday, September 23. This day is designed for students who enrolled after our first picture day, or if a student was absent on the original picture day. Pictures from our first picture day should be arriving early this week as well. Students were given their ID cards last week. Please ensure they are stored in a safe location as they will be needed for students to attend any after school events. A great place to store them is in with their Chromebook.

Students, please make sure you are charging your Chromebook each night so that you are ready for learning each day! Also PLEASE make sure you are taking care of your Chromebooks. You should not store paper between the keyboard and the display.

Here are the updates for this edition of our school community newsletter:

  1. Traffic Safety
  2. Flag Football Schedule
  3. Clubs/Activities After School Schedule
  4. Tutoring/Classwork Assistance Schedule
  5. Lunch menus and outside food options
  6. FaissFlix Daily Announcements
  7. Cell Phone Policy and Assistance for Families

Questions, concerns, or compliments...feel free to reply or call the school directly at 702-799-6850.

Dream...Believe...Soar to Achieve!

Roger West, Principal

Faiss MS

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Traffic Safety

Please continue to be vigilant and observant around the school at drop-off and pick-up times. We have had two very close incidents that happened in cross-walk zones. Students from both Faiss MS and Berkley ES are walking up and down Maule Ave at those times as well as neighborhood people leaving for work. The speed limit on Maule is NEVER more than 25mph and is 15mph during school arrival and dismissal times.

Also, for those families that live just east of Faiss, near the neighborhoods around Tanaka ES, PLEASE take a moment and talk to your student about the importance of going to the crosswalks at Maule, Arby, or Warm Springs. We had two phone calls from concerned drivers that observed Faiss students crossing Ft. Apache outside of those crosswalks.

Flag Football Schedule

This week we are away on Monday at Fertitta MS. The first game begins at 4pm and the second game is at 5:15. Please see below for our schedule of home and away games for this season. Go Flyers!
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Before and After School Options

Tutoring/Classwork Assistance

Here are the tutoring/assistance options available for students before and after school.

***Please note that before school there are ONLY 20 minutes available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you plan to meet with your teacher before school, please try to schedule that ahead of time so they are expecting you.

Tutoring/Classwork Assistance Schedule Link

Clubs and Organizations

Here are the clubs/organizations to start for this school year.

2022-2023 Faiss MS Clubs and Organizations Schedule

Please know we will continue to add throughout the year and will communicate those changes here and through our daily broadcast show, FaissFlix.


This is our daily broadcast show with information and highlights of what's happening at school. Students will watch this in their first block of the day classes, but families are also welcome to subscribe to the channel and check it out as well!
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CCSD/Faiss MS Breakfast/Lunch Menus

Faiss MS School Lunch Calendar

Special Lunch Options Available- Cash only accepted

Student Store available Monday-Friday Items cost $1-$2

Chik-fil-A every Monday $5 Chicken sandwich and bottle of water

Panda Express every Wednesday- $7 Bowl (Chow Mein and Orange Chicken) and bottle of water

Raising Canes every Friday- $7 (2 fingers, fries, and bread) and a bottle of water

Student Cell Phone Policy and Assistance for Parents/Guardians

Some of our parents choose to limit their child(ren)'s access to phones during the school day by putting parental controls/locks on their phones. This allows parents to remotely control when your child can be on their phone. If you are unaware of those features or apps, here is an article with more information:


Regardless of how you choose to limit/restrict your child's phone, we HIGHLY recommend that you always know the password to your child's phone, regularly (at least weekly) check your child's phone, and regularly check and limit all social media accounts.

As a reminder:

Cell phones are not permitted to be used in hallways, classrooms, or bathrooms, at any time. Unless given express permission by an adult on campus, cell phone use is only allowed before school, during lunch, and after school If a student has an emergency, he/she should talk to a teacher, counselor, administrator, or other school staff member.

Phones should be stored in a non-visible and out-of-sight location. If Faiss MS staff sees the phone, it will be taken. Phones confiscated in violation of these guidelines will be held in the Office of Student Success until the end of the day. If a phone is confiscated more than 3 times, parents or guardians are required to pick up the phone. In addition, if a student refuses to give the cell phone to a staff member when requested there will be additional consequences (e.g. checking cell phone in/out).

As a condition of possessing a device on campus, the student agrees to a search of the device’s content if reasonable suspicion of violating the cell phone use policy exists. Faiss Middle School is not responsible for phones or electronic devices lost or stolen on campus.

Cell phones must remain on silent at all times on campus, including during a school evacuation, lockdown, or drill. During these situations, tell your child NOT to try to contact you by cell phone until given the okay by school staff, thus allowing emergency communication channels to remain open. The District’s communication system has the capability of contacting parents/guardians in an emergency. Please be reminded that each school has intercoms and loudspeakers and the classrooms have hardwired telephones. Additionally, administrators and safety personnel are prepared with two-way radios and cell phones.

Earbuds/Headphones are only allowed in a classroom when a teacher has instructed students to use them. Earbuds/Headphones are NOT to be worn around campus, including in classrooms, bathrooms, and hallways.