The Han Dynasty Golden Age

-Diana Vazquez

Silk Road

  • The Silk Road was a major trading route opened during the Han Dynasty.(6,000MilesLong)
  • The Silk Road brought china in contact with other civilzations
  • The items exchanged included silk,gold,jade,tea,and spices
  • Diseases,religion,culture,philosophies and ideas were also trade

Golden Age in Science

  • Han Scientists wrote textbooks on zoology,botany and chemistry
  • Han scientist figure out how to make paper from wood pulp
  • Scientist invented the seismogragh to measure earthquakes

Golden Age in Technology

  • Han architects are noted for their detailed carvings in jade,wood,ivory and the building of elaborate temples.
  • They invented the ship rudder,fishing reel and wheelbarrow
  • Craftsmen also innovated the process of silk making