Bilingual/ESL Newsletter - JANUARY 2016


We would like to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We feel blessed to be part of the MISD family and are looking forward to 2016! Thank you for your continued support and dedication to ensuring that all our students are successful!

Many blessings to you and your families!

Bilingual/ESL Department

Best Practices

A Word Wall is a designed section of a classroom wall that is devoted to the display and study of words. They can be designed for a variety of purposes, based on grade level and subject area. The most important features of an effective Word Wall are that it be continuously useful, meaningful, and INTERACTIVE.

Word Walls are designed to:

  • Support the teaching of general principles about words and how they work.
  • Support the teaching of academic content
  • Foster reading and writing
  • Provide reference support for students during their reading & writing.
  • Promote independence
  • Provide a visual map to help students remember connections between words and the characteristics that will help them form categories.

The following link will be helpful in developing classroom Word Walls, and it provides ideas for whole class, small group, and individual activities to ensure that Word Walls are interactive.

Nuts & Bolts for Administrators

Upcoming PD for Administrators

SIOP For Administrators - 1/25/2016 - 8:30-3:30

Lost in Translation - 2/4/15 - 8:30-3:30 *Updated Date

ESL Certification

Please help us to continue communicating the linked information below with teachers who are not ESL certified on your campus.

  • The deadline for new hires is January 31.

ESL Certification Communication

Adult ESL Classes

Please help us to communicate the following with your parents and community members. An email was previously sent with this information.

Adult ESL class registration will be Jan. 5th and 7th from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at McKinney High School located at 1400 E. Wilson Creek Pkwy. in McKinney. Classes will resume Jan.19, 2016 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Students who participated in the fall semester do not need to register again. They may resume classes on the 19th of January. Daycare is provided for McKinney ISD students in grades PK-8th for a $40 fee that will cover materials and snacks.

Las clases de Inglés como segundo idioma para adultos tendrá su inscripción el 5 y el 7 de Enero desde las 5:30-8:30 en la escuela secundaria McKinney High ubicada en 1400 E. Wilson Creek Pkwy. en McKinney. Las clases resumirán los martes y jueves de 5:30-8:30 a partir del 19 de enero del 2016. Los estudiantes que participaron en el semestre de otoño no tienen que inscribirse de nuevo. Ellos pueden resumir sus clases el día 19 de enero. Se ofrece cuidado de niños para los estudiantes de McKinney ISD in los grados PreK-8 por el costo de $40 para los materiales y meriendas.


LPAC Nuts & Bolts

Upcoming PD for LPAC Coordinators

Mark Your Calendars
  • LPAC - MOY - 2/9/2016 - 8:30-11:30 - Assessment Decisions Training will be held on in the Board Room at Central Office.
  • LPAC - EOY - 4/19/2016 - 8:30-11:30

Printing Initial Minutes Reports

When you receive a new ELL student, send Amber Buie their name & ID number and she will get them in ELLM so that you can have access to the LPAC forms.

Any new student with a language other than English on their Home Language Survey, even if they do not qualify (DNQ) as ELL after you IPT or are coming from a district within TX, need to be LPACd.

Please follow the directions for Printing the Initial Minutes Reports.

Example comments for LPAC document—

DNQ student – Student scored FES on the IPT, 55% on the reading portion of ITBS and 65% on the language usage portion of ITBS. The student is not LEP and does not qualify for ESL/Bilingual services.

Transfer LEP student from Texas district - "Student came from Frisco ISD and has already been identified as LEP. She was receiving ESL services and will continue in the ESL program in MISD until exit criteria is met. The parent permission from Frisco has been stapled to LPAC folder and a new parent permission has been sent home to let parents know that the student will continue in the ESL program in MISD."

Transfer LEP student from outside of TX or new student - "The student's Home Language Survey indicated that Spanish was spoken at home. The IPT test that was provided indicated that they are limited in English. The student qualifies as LEP and the LPAC committee has recommended participation in the bilingual program. A permission form will be sent home to parents."

Second Semester PD

PD for 2015-16 - This document includes all PD provided by the Bilingual/ESL Dept for 2015-16.

Please help us communicate any required or recommended training for staff members on your campus. Below are upcoming PD dates to help facilitate communication.

A PD Google Calendar has also been developed to provide up to date communication of available professional development.


SIOP For Administrators - 1/25/2016 - 8:30-3:30

Lost in Translation - 2/4/15 - 8:30-3:30 *Updated Date

Elementary ELL Point People

We will have a quarterly after school training for elementary ELL Point People that will provide them with ELPS training and resources for “just-in-time” mini trainings they will need to turn-around during a staff meeting.

We recommend that you select a teacher that is ready for leadership opportunities and able to present to the whole staff.

*If your ELL Point People are not able to attend one of these trainings, please ensure that another representative who will be able to take back the training to your campus is in attendance.

3rd Quarter - 1/28/2016 - 4:00-6:00

ELPS Focus - Building Background

4th Quarter - 3/17/2016 - 4:00-6:00

ELPS Focus - Learning Strategies

Elementary ESL Teachers

Highly Recommended for Teachers with Newcomers. Please share information with your teachers. Sub covered!

Sub Cost Coverage Procedures and Form

Word Study for Successful ELLs (2nd-5th) - 2/8/15 - 8:30-3:30

This interactive presentation will motivate teachers and students alike to learn academic vocabulary in fun and effective ways that will make a difference in content area comprehension! Teachers will participate in learning the same techniques advocated for student learning. Objectives include teaching students how to become independent word solvers, providing instruction for specific word meanings, and helping students enjoy learning and using new words, leading them toward a deeper understanding of reading and content.

Secondary ESL Teachers Quarterly PD

Required Training. Sub cost covered by the Bilingual/ESL Dept.

3rd Quarter - 2/3/16 - 8:30-3:30

FULL DAY - ELPS Academy for Secondary (TOT)

4th Quarter - 4/13/16 - 8:30-3:30

Bilingual K-3 Quarterly PD

Please share dates with your bilingual teachers.

Sub Cost Coverage Procedures and Form

3rd Quarter - Criterio de la Escritura (6 + 1 Traits)

  • K-1st Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 1/21/2016 - Full Day - 8:30-3:30
  • 2nd-3rd Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 1/28/2016 - Full Day - 8:30-3:30

4th Quarter - Words Their Way & Independent Writing

  • K-1st Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 3/1/2016 - Full Day - 8:30-3:30
  • 2nd-3rd Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 3/2/2016 - Full Day - 8:30-3:30

Bilingual 4th & 5th Grade PD

Please share dates with your bilingual teachers.

Sub Cost Coverage Procedures and Form


  • Spanish Reading Academies/ LEER Mas II (4th-5th Bilingual) - 1/27/16 - 8:30-3:30
  • 4th Grade Bilingual - One-Way Dual Language Implementation and Balanced Literacy Overview - 5/26/16 - 8:30-3:30

Recommended but Not Required

  • Word Study for Successful ELLs - 2/8/16 - 8:30-3:30

Bilingual Instructional Coaches

SIOP - 5/12/16 - 8:30-3:30

ESL Certification Test Prep. Class

ESL TExES #154 Preparation Course (2 Full Days) At McKinney

*Please register through Eduphoria,

  • January 5 & 6

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