Character Texturing and Rendering

By Rebecca Heard

Base Mesh Renders

Pre-Visualization Playblast

Colour Pallets

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I chose these colours because my character's style is like Avril Lavigne from 2002. She has the baggy camo pants, combat boots and 3/4 shirt and suspenders. The colours she wore were darker earth colours and blacks.

Lighting Style Examples

Texture Examples


I really like how the textures came out on my character! A challenge I had was when I had brought the eye texture into maya, it was partially transparent so I had to go back into substance painter and fix it, and had to do that a couple times to finally get it to work. I also wanted a fishnet texture on her arms, but the texture wasn't turning out the way I had wanted it to. I tried using a stencil and tried using a fishnet brush I made and neither looked good. When I used the stencil for the numbers on her shirt, they came out not straight, so I had to fix it freehanded. If I could redo this project I would go back and find a better stencil for the numbers and make them look straight and clean. I also don't like the boot texture, and I wish I had a better modelled boot (I'm not so good at modelling, so I just duplicated the foot and made it bigger) so they would actually look like combat boots.