This Week in Pre-AP Math 8

April 4 - April 8

Supply Request

I am completely out of tissues in my classroom. If you could spare a box to donate to us, it would be greatly appreciated. Allergies have been bad this year and we will need tissues to help ensure we do not all get sick. If you can donate, please send them to school starting Tuesday of this week.

Thank you in advance!

Sub on Monday

I will be out of the building on Monday of this week and students will have a sub. The plan for the day for Pre-AP Math is for them to practice working with fractions. They will have a set of task cards and a practice assignment to complete.

Most of the students know that I will not be there and that should be on their best behavior for the sub. Students are expected to complete both assignments and to follow any directions given to them. If their behavior is unacceptable, the consequence will likely be parent contact and/or a referral depending on the severity of the behavior.

The vast majority of my students are perfect when subs are present, so I know that this time will be no different!!

Final Unit

Now that STAAR is behind us, we are moving into a final unit for Pre-AP Math. Every year, we, as 8th grade teachers, look to begin preparing students to move into 9th grade Algebra. There are some 8th grade standards that were moved down from Algebra in the restructuring last year. We will revisit those standards again at this time in order to better prepare your students.

In addition to these standards, math teachers were surveyed to see which skills the next grade level teachers thought students absolutely needed to know before coming into that grade. Some of the concepts given to us by Algebra teachers are fraction operations, decimal operations, integer operations, order of operations, and plotting points. We, as 8th grade teachers need all of these things as well, and we know that students struggle with them, so we are revisiting some of them as well. We started with fractions last week and are moving into decimals and integers this week.

Students are responding well to this and, I believe, it is building their confidence a bit by having something that they already know how to do, but that they just need some practice on.

Any support you can provide in this last part of the year will be great as students start believing that, because they have completed STAAR, the rest of the year does not matter, which is untrue. We try to stress the importance of remaining focused in class and I definitely appreciate any help you can provide in that area at home!


As always, I am available for tutoring after school if your student needs to attend. My normal days are Tuesday and Thursday. This week I will be available on Tuesday for a short time and on Thursday and Friday. We are down to having two weeks left of this marking period, so students should be looking at grades and attending tutoring if needed.


I am in the process of updating grades. So you are aware, I tend to grade assignments that were on time first, then I grade late work. I am working on grading now and hope to have all grades entered no later than Monday afternoon. A few reminders:

1. If you see a (*), this assignment is NOT missing. A (*) indicates that no grade has been entered, so it is likely your student was absent or that I have not entered the grade yet.

2. If you see a (0), then this assignment is missing (or late) and your student needs to make sure that it is completed as soon as possible.

Please Read - Laptops

We will be using laptops every day in class. Students need to make sure they are bringing their laptops with them and they need to be fully charged and they should also be bringing their chargers with them. In a situation where a laptop is out for repairs, they can use their phone, but laptops are needed when at all possible.

Copies of Assignments

If a student is missing an assignment for any reason, there are several ways they can get a copy of it:

1. I post copies of all daily work and notes pages on blackboard. Students should be able to access them anywhere they have Internet connection. Also on blackboard is a calendar where I post daily entries with detailed descriptions of what was done in class that day. I also post pictures of my notebook on blackboard so that students can see any notes they have missed.

2. I attach copies of anything that is a daily grade in skyward as well. Students (and parents) can access these files.

3. Students can ask me for any work they missed as well, but this method is not the quickest way to get work, as it usually has to wait until there is a chance during class for me to pull that work.

Students are responsible for keeping up with their notebooks and making sure they get any missed notes if they are absent. They are also responsible for getting their missing work.

Tests will NOT be posted online, so if a students misses or needs to retake/correct a test or quiz, they will need to come to tutorials.

This Week In Pre-AP Math 8

  • We will continue working in our final unit, with fractions, decimals, and integers being the focus of this week
  • Last day to submit missing/late work: Tuesday, April 12
  • Early Release: Friday, April 15
  • Last day of marking period: Friday, April 15


If you have any questions about anything on this flyer, the class, or your student's progress in class, don't hesitate to email me: