Finding Love in UP


In the movie UP, Carl grows up with and marries the girl of his dreams. They are more than happy together, but his wife, Ellie, dies at a very old age. Carl goes through a very tough time and secluded him self from anyone and anything. One day, a boy scout repeatedly shows up at Carl's door and Carl is very agitated by his presence. Eventually, Carl lets in the boy and they go on an amazing adventure together and Carl grows to love him as his own. The theme of this movie is that no matter how lonely you are, or how much sadness you have suffered, love will always remain, even if it is not in the way you imagined.
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Carl is very sad and lonely after the death of his true love, his wife Ellie.
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Carl finds love again when he goes on an adventure with Russell. Carl takes Russell in and loves him as though he is his own son.

"I don't want your help, I want you safe" ~ Carl Frederickson

Carl has been annoyed with Russell throughout most of the movie, but eventually his thoughts change. Even though Carl is very old and could always use the extra help, he cares too much about Russell to let him do anything that will harm him.
Up Married Life Carl Ellie
Carl and Ellie were so happy together, so when Ellie passed away, Carl thought he would never be happy again. He eventually realizes that he can still be happy, but it takes him an adventure with Russell to discover this.