The Fallout Of The Titans

Judah Williams


On a gloomy day in Roanoke, Texas, NISD's fourth middle school, Tidwell, was experiencing chaos like no other. An eighth grade student wrote a book with bloody, gruesome detail. In this book, the student wrote about the detailed killing of many of his classmates. The story was very vivid and explicit in language. The news of the book spread to the school, and as student by student read it in horror, parents, teachers and administration became outraged.

Civil Disobedience

In the days to come, parents kept their kids out of school in protest. One day there was even a protest outside in front of the school before the day started. However, the protests did not work because the district couldn't do anything because he didn't use school issued equipment to write the story. In other ways the protest was successful because the students parents withdrew him from school for a period of time, but was returned when things died down. The protest wasn't as effective as they hoped for a number of reasons. One being the lack of involvement by the students, despite them missing school, they had little to no participation in the protest. The protesters could have had the students do the rallying, that would've been the most effective strategy because students were the primary victims of the incident. I agree with the protest because being a girl in today's society can be difficult at times, and with something that extreme, i want the school district to step in and protect me, because if they wont, who will?

Independence/Self Reliance

1. I could be self reliant when I get my license so I can take myself where i want to go and where i need to be, like appointments and cheer.
2. I can also be self reliant by doing my responsibilities around my house and not being dependent on my parents to remind and help me.
3. Finally I can be self reliant by holding myself accountable for my schoolwork and turning things in on time.