Welcome to 4th Grade

Mr. Baiter -- Room 311

As we begin this year:

Beginning the year can be stressful for children. New people, places, rules, ect. I feel that an open line of communication is very important from the beginning of the school year until the end. I have found a source for communication that I am excited about using again this year. Please take a look at the page attached to learn more about it. If you choose to sign up, as the year progresses, I will send out reminders of up coming events, important dates, and various other reminders. The program will allow you to choose to either receive the reminders via text message or e-mail, whichever is more convenient to you.

I will still send reminders home in your child's folder as well but sometimes electronic reminders can be handy in our busy lives. These electronic reminders also allow me to notify you in case of bad weather events or other last minute, unforeseen changes. Please don't feel like you have to sign up for this free service. It is just a new option I found that I felt might be helpful for some families.

As always you can still contact the school via phone at (936) 293-2811, e-mail me at dbaiter@huntsville-isd.org, or send a note in with your child.

Thank you,

Donald Baiter