animals australia

by carmen mcpherson D4


animals australia was founded in 1980 it has been helping animals that have been cruely treated

by fundraising for them.They where originally called AFAS australian federation of animal societies.They are a strong voice for the animals for they protect and care for them and some of the animals get a new home on a farm (e.g a sheep) while the rest get adopted out to the world.

what services do they provide?

They help and fundraise money to save animals. Their main job is to save animals lives plus getting them adopted. They also raise money if the animals need any type of surgery or medication.

how do they raise money?

They raise money by asking people to donate or sponsor a pet they fundraise by cake stalls or sausage sizzles the money given is for providing food and water or things to keep the animals alive and healthyl

All animals deserve a life free from abuse. Whether a beloved family pet, or a nameless farm animal — all cherish joy, and fear violence. Animals Australia’s major campaigns target the most prolific offenders of animal cruelty.