Drugs In The Olympics

Athletes Drugging

Drugs In Olympics

There are a lot of athletes drugging in the Olympics. They are using drugs to win a game or sport in the Olympics which is strictly not allowed in the Olympics. This is not fair to the people that want to play fair but some athletes are drugging so they get more energy. Some of the people that drugged in the Olympics are Nicklas Backstrom, Johannes Duerr, Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle are some of the people that are caught doping in the Olympics. There are many other people in the Olympics that were caught doping.

Consequences for drugging in the Olympics

Health problems and other actions for drugging in the Olympics

If you get caught drugging in the Olympics you can get taken of the national team that you are playing on. You can get arrested by the police,etc. You can also get so many health problems for drugging such as heart attack, paralyzed, death in a certain amount of time or right at the spot, and etc.