By: Jarod Crider

Hand Washing

When working with food, all employees working around or with raw or cooked food must wash their hands after the use of restroom, attending an open wound or messing with any raw food before handling cooked food.

Why hand washing is so important

Hand washing is essential for the prevention of spreading germs and illnesses to other people. On the business side of things, when a restaurant gets link to a virus outbreak, they will be on temporary closure until a thorough investigation has been done. On worst case scenarios, the restaurant could be closed for up to three weeks.

Washing Hand Technique

Wet your hand with warm or cold water thoroughly.

Lather hands with some liquid soap.

Scrub hands with the soap thoroughly for 20 seconds or more.

Rinse hands with the warm or cold water thoroughly to remove all soap.

Dry hands with clean, dry paper towel.

Laws for washing hands

There are laws that require all commercial buisnesses to have a sign saying that all employees are required by law to wash hand, and that it must be posted above a sink. It is also a law for employees to wash hands no matter what.

An interview with anonymous employee from sonic

What do you do at you job of employment? Fry cook, I am the one who makes cheese sticks.

With working with food, how often do you wash your hands at work? Every thirty minutes or so.

How long do you spend washing your hands at work? I spend twenty second minimum to wash my hands.

When working on the weekend do you take a shower before or after work? Why? After work i'm caked in grease and it is disgusting.

Have you ever seen some one no keep up their hygiene at work? How often do you notice? Yes, not often but is noticeable when it does happen.

What all did you go through to get your food handler's certificate? I had to go through a class and read a manual then take and pass a test.

Food Handler's certificate

In the clay county, anyone who is working around food being cooked or processed, they will need to get a food handler's certificate. Once someone get hired at a restaurant, they have one month to complete a food handler's course for clay county. The certificate last for three years. If you are hired as a manager you must get the manager food handler's certificate, which lasts for five years.

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