Monday Morning Message

Carlisle Elementary

March 17, 2014

Upcoming Events....

3/17 Grades uploaded by 3:00 p.m.

3/18 BMX presentation

3/20 P/T Conferences

3/21 No School

3/24 Spring Break Begins

4/1-3 IOWA Test grades 1-2

4/4 Benchmark Assembly in Cafeteria

4/7-11 Benchmark Exam

4/8 Pre-K and Kindergarten Registration (p.m.)

4/11 Kindergarten Field Trip

4/15 Popsicles in the Park (behavior incentive)

4/16 Native American Program in cafeteria

4/17 1st Grade Lunch with Loved Ones

4/21 Kindergarten Cap and Gown Pics

BMX Bike Show to be Held Tuesday!

The BMX Bike Show incentive, for the PTS fundraiser, will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday at the football field. K-2 should begin walking over to the field no later than 1:45 and 3-6 should begin walking over around 1:50. Students will sit on the home side. The first classes to arrive should move to the far end of the stands and fill up that section from the bottom bleachers up. We will then move to the next section of the stands. Amanda will be there to help with seating. The program should last only about 25-30 minutes. Some students will get "V.I.P." passes and will stay a few minutes after the program to get a behind the scenes tour. Mrs. Scroggins, Mrs. Maddox, Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Stark will stay behind to walk these students back to class.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held Thursday, March 20th from 2:30-7:30. Students will be released at 2:00 p.m. Please make sure you have current student work displayed in the hallway. Please review this link regarding conferences.

Focus Book Study

Please reflect on the following as you read Chapter 3 of Focus. We will discuss this chapter during our April professional development.

Chapter 3: How We Teach

  1. This chapter describes the simple elements of an effective lesson that are still all too rarely implemented. Do you believe that all teachers are perfectly clear on these elements? Is there a need in our school to revisit these elements and provide a slow, careful review (a "refresher course") on these elements? Would it be a good idea to share the evidence of the stunning and immediate impact these elements would have if consistently implemented in our school?
  2. How could you or your leadership team or faculty ensure that these simple, well-known elements are implemented? What actions and routines could you initiate to ensure their consistent implementation?
  3. Does "lecture" in your classroom resemble the kind of engaging "interactive lecture" described on pp. 68–73 in this chapter?
  4. Reflect on curriculum topics, standards, and units in your subject area for which "interactive lecture" would be enormously effective and engaging for students.
  5. What elements of the "literacy template" (see p. 74) make it engaging—no matter how often you employ it—in any subject area?
  6. After selecting any course in your curriculum, designate which parts of the curriculum could be taught with either (or both) of the templates. Try to approximate the percentage of the curriculum for which you could productively employ one or both of the two templates.
  7. Revisit this question: Have we—all practitioners—made a thorough case for the three priorities described on pp. 10–11? Have we made the case for the stunning and immediate impact that these priorities would have on student learning and college and career preparation? How could we do this? On what occasions? How often should we revisit, clarify, and reinforce these priorities?

Look Who Took the Twitter Challenge!

Shout out to Mrs. Scroggins and Mrs. Fricker for taking the Twitter Challenge and joining me Thursday evening for the #arkedchat! I appreciate your participation and you both will receive the incentive! Thanks for being "Twitter Rockstars"!

Sixth Grade Poetry Cafe

Students in Mrs. Boothe's class did a great job sharing their poems during Friday's Poetry Cafe! Student's enjoyed a cafe atmosphere while being served cookies and hot tea. Poets took to the microphone to share cinquains, limericks, haikus and free verse poems. A special thanks to parent volunteers for decorating, serving and videoing during the event!