Google Educator Level 1

Midway ISD Summer 2015

Welcome to Google Educator Fundamentals Training

In this course, you will learn how Google tools can be used in the classroom. Below are things you need to know to complete this course successfully.

  1. This Google course includes three units:
    Unit 1 - Get Ready to Use Technology in the Classroom
    Unit 2 - Expand Your Access to Help and Learning
    Unit 9 - Teach Students Online Skills
  2. In each unit, you will follow a link to study the lessons.
  3. After completing the lessons for each unit, you will complete the Unit Review.
  4. All three units must be completed by the Deadline: Thursday, July 24th at 5:00 p.m.
  5. Once all units are complete, take a screen shot of the webpage showing 3 of 13 units complete (sample below). Email that screen shot to the instructor.
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Instructor Contact Information

Paula Yezak


Important: Contact me immediately if you are unable on to log into your Google account.

Google Educator Level 1 Fundamentals Training

Click the link below for directions and web links to the lessons and assessments.

Completion Checklist

You are finished with this course if you have completed the following:

  • Unit 1: Lessons and Unit Review
  • Unit 2: Lessons and Unit Review
  • Unit 3: Lessons and Unit Review
  • Email instructor a screenshot of the webpage showing the above units are complete.

Course instructor will enter the credit and you will be emailed by Eduphoria when credit is granted.

Hope you enjoyed learning in the 24/7 leisurely style. Have a great summer!

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