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June Newsletter

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June 9th 6:30pm cst June Team Meeting & Summer Launch

Hello! Its been a while since I sent out a monthly newsletter so I really hope you enjoy this one! Please read WAYYYY down to the bottom. There is a lot of NEW, Fun information. Hope to see everyone at our June Team Meeting at El Metate in Dunlap, Tn on June 9th at 6:30 cst.


Its time to get out of the house and make memories with your friends and family!!

Check out all the new Summer Product, summer charms and more.

+ Limited edition Charms available while supplies last.

+ Summer holidays, themes, beach and nautical themes!

New Designer Webinars ****Or if you need a REFRESHER****

Part 1 - Thursday June 11, 2015 at 8 p.m. (EDT)

+ Part 2 – Thursday June 18, 2015 at 8 p.m. (EDT)

+ Part 3 – Thursday June 25, 2015 at 8 p.m. (EDT)

Origami Owl National Convention

If you haven’t registered for convention, last day to register is June 23.

+ You do not want to miss out on this year theme ‘Find Your Happy’

+ It will be a weekend full of motivation, training, shopping at the O2 Store, Fall Launch reveal, and free jewelry!

+ You do not want to miss out be sure to register now!

Weekly Designer Best Practices Series

On demand every Tuesday at 5 p.m. (EDT) in O2 Academy > Library > Weekly Training Video Archive

+ TIP: Consider playing one of the recent videos at your meeting

+ TIP: Consider sending us a team video with your best tips and techniques!

+ O2 Academy Auditorium for updates

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Leather Wrap Bracelets New Triple Wrap Bracelet!

Wraps around your wrist three times!

+ Available in Black and Metallic Rose Gold

+ Made of genuine leather

+ Dress it up with the Inscriptions Plaque, Inscriptions Slider, or Expression Frame

Crystals By Swarovski

New Capri Blue Stardust Crystals by Swarovski + Perfect for an ocean theme

+ New Limited Edition Silver Shade Crystal Star by Swarovski + Available while supplies last

New Solid Twist Locket Base

Choose from 8 templates for a deeper meaning

+ More space for your inscription on the back! + Expand upon your summer memories by engraving a monogram, initials or inspiring message

+ 2 ways to wear it! + Wear it with the Charms facing out

+ Or wear it reversed to display your special inscription


Introducing Limited Edition Summer templates available in medium and large round plates. + Includes anchor icon with 2 line of text, 12 characters max

+ Available in Medium and Large Round Plates

+ Also available in Gold or Silver

Twist Lockets:

Faces + Bases + New Large Red Enamel Living Locket Face + Perfect for a nautical theme!

+ New Large Silver Solid Twist Living Locket Base + Solid back is another option available to your customers.

+ Added weight allows Locket to hang well for a more sophisticated look

+ Remember all faces and bases are sold separately + Step 1: Choose your Base

+ Step 2: Select a Face


Summertime scheduling can be a challenge mainly because a Designer can sometimes get in their own way. The key to having a full calendar of Jewelry Bars is to generate enough contacts and referrals. Contacts are simply people that you could speak to about potentially earning free jewelry or sharing the Hostess Rewards program with.

To make this summer selling season the best ever, here are some things you should do.

1. Change your mindset. It’s has been a long winter and guess what? People’s habits change! They can’t wait to get outside, which means you need to think differently. You need to change your winter habits into summer habits. No matter what the weather, people want to tell their stories via jewelry; they want to capture their summer memories; they always want free jewelry and they’re willing to host a summer Jewelry Bar! But remember, people are not necessarily home as much during the summer… they’re out and about. That means it’s time for you to get out of the house and go where the people are. Whether its kid’s summer sports leagues, BBQs, beach trips, picnics, holiday parties, etc. You need to be where your potential Hostess are. You need to be in places where you can make contact.

2. Think summertime! Themes, that is. Change is good and some potential Hostesses don’t want to have a regular, in-home Jewelry Bars. They might want to mix it up by having a Jewelry Bar out on the patio, or maybe a location that is not in their home, such as picnic style in a park or even at the beach. Sound like fun! Also, connect our new summer and MLB collections into your theme suggestions. Baseball All-Star Game Jewelry Bars are a great way to fill your Jewelry Bar calendar in June and early July! Share this new licensed collection with anyone who loves baseball, the All-Star game, has family that loves baseball or kids that play baseball or softball. Let this NEW collection help you fill your calendar AND increase your summer sales by sharing the fun with others. Get creative on how the location can play into the theme for a Hostess. Offer those ideas to a potential Host or even a previous Hostess. They will start to think about it and begin picturing all the fun they will have as your Hostess.

3. Wear your O2 jewelry! You’ll hear this time and time again – you sell what you wear… and it’s true. This is the time of year you’ll see and meet many new people. Wear your O2 everywhere you go – someone is going to compliment you on your jewelry and ask you where you got it. That’s when your conversation begins.

4. Summer means vacations. And vacations mean special memories. Origami Owl Designers are all about helping people preserve those special memories! Our new summer collection and Officially Licensed MLB Charms are great reasons to reach out to people and help them tell their summertime stories before summer is over. Another thing to consider is wearing your jewelry while you’re on vacation. It opens up conversations with many new people. They may not be close enough for an in-person Jewelry Bar but an online Jewelry Bar might work very well for them. Who knows, they might become your new team member in that area. Also, many people might be vacationing in your hometown which also means new contacts!

5. Never leave home without TOMs. We just launched summer and our first ever licensed collection with MLB! People need to see it! However, in the summer, you probably want to keep what you carry light. Especially if you’re going mobile. Your Take Out Menu is always your #1 selling tool and enables you to easily carry everything you have to offer. It has the entire Origami Owl Jewelry collection, it contains information on how to build your Locket, on becoming a Host or an Origami Owl Designer, being a Force for Good AND it’s visually beautiful! When you wear your Lockets, bracelets, earrings, etc., you’re going to get compliments. And when they ask about your jewelry, you’ll be able to show them your TOM. Then, when they ask how they can make a purchase, you can invite them to Host their own Jewelry Bar and earn additional jewelry for free. And remember, get their contact information so you can follow up.

6. Go MOBILE this summer! In addition to holding 4 Jewelry Bars a month, start thinking about summer locations where people are going to be and take the mobile Jewelry Bar with you! Our new MLB Charms make a great Mobile Jewelry Bar theme to take with you to children’s little league baseball or softball tournaments. Of course our new summer collection makes for a perfect beach Mobile Jewelry Bar. A fun-in-the-sun Mobile Jewelry Bar (think vacation Charms, etc.) or a Mobile Jewelry Bar for the Fourth of July or Canada Day are all very timely and topical. Keep in mind that the Mobile Jewelry Bar will not only get you incremental sales, it will also help you schedule additional Jewelry Bars. Just remember to ask! Don’t have a Mobile Jewelry Bar?

*******You can order yours in the Jewelry Bar Essentials section within the Supply Order menu in the Back Office for only $45. *****

Go for the NO- Scheduling your Jewelry Bars

For summer scheduling, your words change slightly. You might say something like:

"Summertime is a wonderful time to get friends together at a Jewelry Bar to share summertime stories and to see Origami Owl’s new summer collection and our new licensed Major League Baseball collection. When you host a Jewelry Bar this month, you can earn up to $_______ or more in FREE and discounted products. I actually have a couple dates left. Would the 18th or the 20th work better for you?"

As we said last month, don’t be afraid to schedule in close. Do you know your next two open Jewelry Bar dates without looking at your calendar? Think about this… when scheduling a Jewelry Bar, you can easily set up a Jewelry Bar for just a few days from when you’re making the phone call. That’s because people usually know their schedule for the next week, so they know right away if they can attend. You’ll find that many people prefer close in dates which also helps you to stay in control of your calendar. Combine scheduling in close with those who prefer some dates further out and your summer schedule will be full all summer long!

Have your calendar available and flip the pages when mentioning your next two Jewelry Bar dates. This gives the person the feeling that your schedule is important and that you want to get them in as soon as possible.

+ Remember everyone is a potential Host. Don’t pre-judge; don’t assume. Start having conversations and introducing the

Hostess opportunity to anyone and everyone. And don’t forget to ask for referrals.

+ Think of the Hostess opportunity as a gift. Think about the Hostess Rewards a potential Hostess has the opportunity to earn. And our Hostess Exclusive is a special jewelry item that only they can earn while also earning FREE jewelry, it really is a gift!

+ Whether you’re sharing the Origami Owl Hostess opportunity or the Origami Owl Designer opportunity, it’s never about being pushy… it’s about good conversations. All you have to do is simply introduce either or both opportunities to others. Some people will say; "What’s Origami Owl?" If you hear this, simply tell them a little about the O2 story and your personal experience. Other people you speak to will already know about Origami Owl and assume it’s another "party." Let them know what you’re offering isn’t a party, it’s a Jewelry Bar! It’s a unique experience and you’re their personal shopper who helps them and their guests capture memories and tell their stories. Be sure to remind them of what they can receive through our Hostess Rewards program.

+ Where do you start to generate potential contacts? Start with your own personal contact list, a new Alice list and Jewelry Bar contact list. A good place to start generating NEW potential Hostess contacts is through people who attended a Jewelry Bar in the past, people who purchased and people who have shown an interest in what you do. Remember, each person is not just a single resource. They all have friends, family, acquaintances, etc. We call them referrals. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying, "Who do you know that might want to take advantage of our Hostess Rewards program?"

+ Finally, don’t let fear keep you from doing the things that make you successful. Some people will say NO and… it’s ok if people tell you no. Don’t let the small voice in your mind keep you from getting those NOs. Because if you don’t, you’ll never hear the YES. For more support on how you can change your mind set to Go For No, check out goforno.com. It will change the way you look at the word NO.

Don’t wait to fill your summer Jewelry Bar calendar! Now is the time to let go of those winter habits and get outside where the people are!

+ It was a long, hard winter for many around the country and now it’s time to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of summer! Don’t assume people don’t want to shop for jewelry, own something special or tell their story with jewelry. In fact, most people tend to spend money on memories they create in the summer. The key is to be flexible, get outside and enjoy growing your business on-the-go this summer.

+ Let’s look at some strategies to ensure you have the best summer selling season ever!

1. Make 3 NEW contacts a day. Potential Hostesses and team members will love experiencing Origami Owl during those happy days of summer when you bring the opportunity to them.

2. Summertime doesn’t mean taking a vacation from your business. The Mobile Jewelry Bar makes your business portable so you never have to stop earning income when life is busy and on the move.

3. Tell EVERYONE about all the FREE jewelry a Host can earn… when they Host a Jewelry Bar this summer! After all, people want to know what’s in it for them. Don’t just ask, "Will you do a Jewelry Bar for me?" This makes it seem like they’re doing you a favor when you’re the one with something great to offer them. Our Hostess Rewards program is fantastic so, let potential Hosts know it’s like being rewarded for shopping and having fun with friends!

4. Don’t forget to ask EVERYONE to join your team. Make sure you ask open-ended questions and listen to their answers. You will learn what is important to each person and be able to offer them an example of how Origami Owl can make a difference in their life.

5. Be sure to over schedule July. It will be your spring board to a successful Fall selling season. Of course, you won’t want to schedule July until June is completely full. Instead of asking "When would you like to have your Jewelry Bar?" offer potential Hosts a choice of your next two available dates so you can schedule in close until your July calendar is full.

+ Remember not to give up or leave your goals to chance. Stay the course no matter what the season. Remember you deserve success!!