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Get the Wood Floor you want with a Fort Lauderdale Flooring Company

Every person has a dream home they’ve imagined. It might be a little girl’s dream of a fairy princess castle or a young man’s dream of having a large kitchen where he has plenty of room to cook holiday meals for his family. Whatever shape or size your dream home takes, the first step toward making a house a home is to start from the ground up. A dream home isn ’t much of a dream home without the wood flooring you want. Learn how Don Bailey Flooring can help you get the flooring you want at a fraction of the price.

Why Wood?
Not only are wood floors elegant and beautiful, but they also weather better than most any other type of flooring. Over years of wear and tear, carpet gets matted and tiles will break or crack. Wood doesn’t break because it is an organic material with elasticity and it is naturally durable. It isn’t just beautiful the first day, though. Even as it gets distressed, it takes on a whole new character, and in this way wood grows and evolves from the day it is installed. Wood can also be sanded and refinished if the years take their toll, and then it’s like you have a brand new floor again without having to replace it.

Forget Retail Prices
Many people think that wood is beautiful, but that it is also out of their price range. Thanks to Don Bailey flooring, it’s not anymore! Their prices are far below retail with flooring starting at $0.49 per square foot. They are extremely affordable on any budget, and they give you the option to install the floor yourself or have professionals come in for next-day installation. On top of all that, before you even decide to buy flooring from them, they will come out and give you a free estimate. After that, if you decide to go with their services, you get to take $200 off of your flooring costs. To see more about their amazing pricing and the flooring they offer, check out their website.

The Time Is Now!
Don Bailey Flooring helps you take the first steps toward having the home of your dreams. With low prices and a wide selection of flooring options from wood to laminate even to tile, they are sure to have the perfect style to fit your needs. What are you waiting for? Visit the website today to schedule your free estimate.