Blackfoot Tribe

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The Blackfoot tribe normally live in a tepee for a while. They have big but sad times small. If you have a big family you may be able to fit everyone in the tepee but I'm sure if you have a small family you can fit everyone in there. This is what they look like.

How to put up a tepee

To put up a tepee you need to put up the large sticks and make them look like a cone shaped . Then you would tie the sticks together with a string. Then you would put the skin around the out side of the tepee so the rain or animals couldn't get in the tepee.Then the women would go inside and make the beds .Here is a video on how to put up a tepee
How to Set up a Tipi


The men usually hunted buffalo by running them off cliffs. They eat lots of meat. They also eat deer and antelope. They also ate different kinds of roots and berries. Buffalo was their main source of food. Over 600 blackfoot indians starved to death. Almost all of their food came directly from buffalo.


The Blackfoot used buffalo for some clothing. Women decorated clothing with quills and beads. Clothing was also made from deer skin and antelope hide. Women wore long deer skin leggings. They wore moccasins for shoes. Men wore a robe made from buffalo hide most of the time. Men also wore long deer skin leggings like the women. Occasionally the men wore buckskin shirts.


The Blackfoot Tribe has 9 weapons in all. They use the weapons are for hunting or defending.they can sharpen the arrow head with a shift straightener so it could kill the animal better. The black foot tribe use bows and arrows so they can hunt. They yose the pocket knife and skinning knifes so they can get the skin and food.
Blackfeet Indian Tribe


the Blackfoot first Originated in Alberta, Canada. They we're VERY skilled hunters. They were kicked out of there because of space. After all of that they moved to Montana and a little part of Idaho. They lived there for the rest of there lives. That is how the Blackfoot lived. I hope you enjoyed! :)