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Birth and Death

- Messalina was born around January 25, 17/20 AD in Rome

- Messalina died in 48 AD


- Messalina's mother was Domitia Lepida the Younger

- Her father was Marcus Valerius Messalla Barbatus

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Early Life


- Her husband was Claudius Caesar Augustus

- He was oblivious to most of the adulteries that she committed


- She was not very like for she was known for her ruthlessness

What was she known for

- Messalina gained her power after Claudius was proclaimed Emperor after Caligula and his family were murdered

-Because of this, Messalina had just become the most powerful women in the courts

- As soon as Claudius became Emperor he brought back Caligula's sisters who had been exiled and gave them all their power back in the courts (Agrippina the Younger and Julia Livilla)

- Julia Livilla began to compete for Claudius' affection so Messalina had her killed

- She then teamed up with Narcissus, Claudius' secretary, and they set their sights on Appius Silenus

- Narcissus claimed that he had overheard Silenus talking about killing the emperor and then Messalina backed him up by saying that she had seen it in a dream, he was promptly arrested and executed

- Messalina also wanted the Gardens of Lucullus, which was owned by Valerius Asiaticus, who refused to give up the gardens so she had him killed

- It was said by the time she died that she had 35 senators and more than 300 others executed

- She was also known for using her charm and looks to get what she wanted

Her Death

- She was order to death by her husband after he heard that she had also married another man, Senator Gaius Silius

- When she heard that her husband had sentenced her to death she wanted to take her own life but could not bring herself to do it so she was killed by her arresting officer in 48