Problems you encounter in the international space station


Eating meals in space can be very difficult sometimes like eating and drinking. Most drinks are held in little pouches due to zero gravity and water might float into electrical wires. Food is usually dehydrated in space due to moisture can lessen the length of how long the food lasts space food is also packaged in air tight packaging.


Sleeping in space is very weird because due to zero gravity you can sleep in any position like up side down because no blood rushes to your head and you feel like you are floating. One problem may occur is that you might float away so when you sleep there are straps that hold you down so you don't drift off in your sleep.

EVA (extra vehicular activity)

EVA is a very dangerous activity that has to bed done in the international space station. When you are about to go out you put on your space suit that has a full body piece and a helmet that has a life support backpack that has oxygen and water in it. When you go out to fix things you may incounter problems like floating debris or sharp parts on the space station because of this you have wire attached to you so you don't float away and you are being observised the whole time to make sure nothing happens.

Health & Exercise

When you are in space for a long period of time your body doesn't move as much and this can cause your bone density to lower and your muscles to weaken because of this in the space station they have exercise equipment to prevent this like weight that are used by air pressure for the weight and a treadmill for your legs.