The Hobbit

Deandra Miller

Story Elements

The Hobbit takes place in middle earth during the past. the main conflict in the story is that Thror's and other dwarfs want back the mountain the dragon is in and the treasure in the mountain. The book begins with Bilbo in his hobbit hole, the Hill, in the hobbit lands where is calm and respected then a wizard comes along and invites him to take a journey with him as a burglar. Pick up the book to find out what happens.


The main character is Bilbo Baggins. Three words to describe the main character are underestimated, chubby, and clever. The character is motivated by thinking about home, family was in to adventurers before their end, and pure curiosity.I like the main character because he some how knows how to get out of tight spots and knows many riddles. The relationship between Bilbo and Thror is that Bilbo is a burglar for Thror.


The theme of the novel is that greed can taint many things in the world. One example that supports the theme is because of the dragon's greed for gold he had killed countless dwarfs and humans. Another example is the dwarfs wanted all the gold product they made to themselves the dragon came. A third example from the book is the elf friendship was rune with the dwafs because they were worried for their own well-being. A final example that supports theme is Gollum away from him.