So Much Goin' On!


Las week in Library, we got to hear Mrs. Bender read a book about animals sizes. The kids loved this book since she called students up to compare them to the animals actual size!

When she was finished she showed the children where the non fiction section of our library is. They got so excited to see how this part of the library worked. We practiced using our voices in a whisper and choosing a non fiction book in the library!

Guest Reader

Last week the kids were excited to have a former student come to our room and read a book to us. It taught us manners while listening to others. I love when former students come to read. Watching the formers students and the confidence it provides is priceless.
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Community Helpers

What a great two weeks studying community helpers. The kids have learned so much doing this unit. We learned to listen for information in a non fiction book. It was great to hear them discuss what the different helpers do. I modeled how to use an organizer for 4 days after reading about different community helpers. Next the students started trying it on their own. Finally their big project was to pic a helper we studied, make an organizer, then turn their organizer into an informational piece of writing. They did awesome! I have their work in display in the hallway!

Video Conference!

The kids had a very cool opportunity this week. Since we were working on community helpers, I set up a video conference with my husbands best friend who is a police officer. He was so nice to work all night, and stay at work for a few hours just to talk to us! The kids were able to tell him what we had learned about police officers and then he let them ask questions. They were so excited all day! I hope they learned as much as I think they did!

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