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April 2016

Learning & Teaching with Technology!

iPad Integration in the Elementary Classroom

May 16, 2016

8:30 am - 11:30 am

Participants will have the opportunity to explore numerous apps (free and purchased) and share best practices for supporting an elementary student-centered digital classroom. Apps introduced in this workshop will support PA Core Standards, 21st Century Skills and engage learners in higher-level thinking skills. Some apps to be explored in this workshop include Educreations, Tellagami, and Scratch Jr.


May 16, 2016

12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Participants will explore the Nearpod app/program and learn how it can be integrated into classroom instruction to present, engage, and assess student learning. Participants will learn program components from creation to presentation, and how to review lesson reports.

CPETracker members may register at Registration deadline is May 2.

NonCPE members may click here to register. Please contact Susan Kandianis with any additional questions.

CIU20 to Host Title I/Act89 Parent Engagement Night for Non-Public Schools

On Monday, May 23rd, from 5:30-7:30 PM, the CIU20 Non-Public School Services staff will be hosting a Parent Engagement Night for parents and students in grades K-6 who work with our CIU20 staff in the non-public schools. Parents of students who receive Title I and/or Act 89 remedial services are encouraged to attend with their children. The event will be held at CIU20, 6 Danforth Drive in Easton, and will include presentations and learning activities for students and parents to enjoy together. Food and giveaways will be provided. Please spread the word by encouraging your Title I/Act 89 non-public school families to attend.

If you have any questions, please contact 610-515-6471.

Alternate Eligible Content

After adopting the PA Core Standards in March 2014, Pennsylvania began the process of aligning the Alternate Assessment to the new standards. Alternate Eligible Content provides the pathway for students with significant cognitive disabilities to access the PA Core Standards, and we begin by presuming competence through rigorous instruction.

What is Alternate Eligible Content? It is the academic content used to drive instruction for students who are eligible for PASA (Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment). The alternate eligible content is aligned to grade-level PA Core Standards and modifies targets relative to the PSSA Eligible Content by reducing depth and breadth. It represents the highest level of achievement for students who are assessed by the PASA, but may be adjusted through essentialization to ensure appropriateness for the variety of students eligible for PASA. For more information, including archived webinars, and to access the Alternate Eligible Content, please visit

How to navigate to webinars and AE content

  • Go to
  • Click on Educational Initiatives tab
  • Scroll and click on Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (list on right)
  • Click on Alternate Eligible Content OR PA Alternate Assessment in the box on the right of the page
  • Alternate Eligible Content by grade and subject area appears at the bottom of the page

Alternate Eligible Content Professional Development Opportunity

Provided by CIU20 June 13, 2016

Please click here to access flyer

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Regional Academic Competition Held for Area High Schools

All 20 of our region's high schools participated in the annual CIU 20 Regional Academic Competition on March 18th. The high school teams consisted of up to six contestants and the competition progressed in a round robin style until only three remaining schools surfaced to compete in the final round.

1st Place: Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School

2nd Place: Stroudsburg Area High School

3rd Place: Liberty High School

Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School has the option to compete in the Annual Pennsylvania Academic Competition held on April 29, 2016 in Harrisburg.

Special Education Plan - Phase 2 School Districts

As a reminder, all Phase 2 School Districts will need to submit their Special Education Plan to the Bureau of Special Education by May 1, 2016 using the Comprehensive Planning web application.

A school district shall make its special education plan available for public review and comment for a minimum of 28 days prior to approval of the plan by the school district’s board of directors and submission of the plan to the department.

*Special note* - Once you make a change/edit to the Special Education Program Profile, you are unable to make changes to it until your plan has been submitted and approved.

A recording and materials presented at the Phase 2 Special Education Plan training that was conducted in November can be viewed here:

To ensure submission to the Bureau of Special Education through the web application, please be sure to follow the final steps below (a snapshot of each step is included below):

  • The Board President and Superintendent will need to be logged into their individual PDE portal account/Comprehensive Plan application.
  • Each will click “sign” to enter their name in the appropriate areas.
  • A member with “Planning Leader” access will click the Status and History hyperlink at the bottom of the screen, which will direct you to the Issues Check.
  • Select “Check Special Education Plan for Issues”
  • If no issues are present, please enter in comments (if necessary) and click “Submit”.
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The Colonial Virtual Program (CVP) is meeting with schools and districts to establish Summer School options for your students. Through a partnership with CVP, we will enroll and monitor student progress during the summer and report grades to the districts prior to the start of the new school year. Our learning platform is highly engaging and has numerous built-in supports to assist students in their success.

Credit Recovery options run in an 8 week format where students can pre-test and recover the skills and credits they didn’t acquire during the school year. The Accelerated Learning options are full, original credit courses in a condensed format

Contact Renee Harris, Online Teaching and Learning Consultant at 610-515-6566 or to begin planning for Summer School 2016.

CIU 20: Dedicated to your children and the people who serve them.

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Director of Professional Learning and Curriculum

Division Of Administrative and Professional Services

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Denise Kaminski

Asst Director of Professional Learning and Curriculum

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Asst Director of Professional Learning and Educational Technology

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Online Teaching and Learning Consultant

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Educational Technology Coordinator

Todd Van Nortwick

Supervisor of Professional Learning and Auxiliary Services

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Coordinator of Professional Development

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