by Joel Ewing


France's nickname is the hexagon

" Each country has a soul, France's soul is equality"

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France Regions-Northern France

-Paris is the economic,political,and cultural capital or France

- Lille is an industrial city and it has steel mills, chemical plants and textile industries

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Southwest France

-Grapes used to produce French wine

-Bordeaux is known for making the best wine

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Southern France

- The mountain ranges are rugged

- The Alps hurt movement between France and Italy

- They did a highway tunnel through the mountains to help movement

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The Mediterranean

- The Riviera attracts millions of tourists each year and has a warm climate and beaches

- Three cities: Cannes, Nice, and Saint Tropez

- Marseille is the busiest seaport in France

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East France

- The Rhine River is Europe's busiest waterway and borders Germany

- Resources include iron ore and coal

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France's HIstory

- France was known as Gaul because the Romans conquered it

- One of the most famous conquerors was Charlemagne and he became king of the Franks

- Charlemagne spread Christianity through Northern Europe

- France has been invaded by Germany many times and the US helped them

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Language and culture

-language is French

-French kings made it their language

-dialects are several languages

-The French academy ensures new words

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Cultural identify

-impressionism-style of paintings