BPCS Spirit Week

May 25, 2020 - May 29, 2020

Spirit Week

Spirit Week is an all-school event where students from every grade level can come together to show their BPCS school spirit! Each day will have a theme, and students will have the option to participate in multiple ways. Each day will offer students the opportunity to “dress up,” but there will also be other options (a creative writing piece, a drawing, etc.) that students may choose if they do not feel like getting into costume that day! All classes will be contributing to the same flipgrid thread so in free moments, encourage your child to check back in that thread and admire the sea of school spirit coming in from every corner of the BPCS community! Check out the Spirit Week schedule below - we can’t wait to see all the submissions!
Spirit Week Expectations

Don’t forget to check out our expectations before uploading any videos!

Day 1 Tuesday (5/26): Represent Your Class Day

"Spirit Call" Hold up, wait a minute, Let me put some spirit in it! ...

Today is the day to share your pride for Brooklyn Prospect and your class community. You can do this by wearing your uniform, any BP gear, our school colors (green and white), or wearing something that represents your class.

Day 1: Represent Your Class Day

Show us your school spirit by uploading a photo or video

Day 2 Wednesday (5/27): Teacher Feature Day

Where would we be without our amazing teachers and educators!?

Although we are not able to physically be with our teachers each day right now, we appreciate all that they have done to support us during remote learning. Let’s celebrate our awesome DTES staff today by dressing up as your teacher, writing a letter to your teacher, or sending them a video to show your appreciation!

Day 2: Teacher Feature Day

All teacher feature videos and photos can be uploaded

Day 3 Thursday (5/28): Character Inspiration Day

“Some people are worth melting for” - Oolaf, Frozen

We are all inspired by the awesome characters in the books we read and show/movies we watch. Is there a character you look up to or identify with for their bravery, kindness, identity, or passion? Celebrate that character who inspires you by dressing up as them, drawing a picture, writing a story or poem, or writing them a letter!

Day 3: Character Inspiration Day

Celebrate a character who inspires you by uploading a video or photo that represents them

Day 4 Friday (5/29): Essential Worker Day

As Maya Angelou said, “How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”

While we do our part staying home from school and learning online, so many essential workers do their jobs each day to help us all. Essential workers are truly selfless, and we want to thank them for supporting our community and working so hard during these tough times.

Show your thanks for Essential Workers by making a sign to hang in your window thanking them, dress up as an essential worker, writing a letter/poem/song/story to an essential worker about what their hard work means to you right now.

Day 4: Essential Worker Day

Show us how you are recognizing and celebrating Essential Workers by uploading any photos or videos