Cockatiels: Feathery Friends

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You can recognize a cockatiel in many different ways.

 Some cockatiels have different colors. For example, the Pied cockatiels are more yellow and gray. Compared to the normal gray cockatiels that are only gray and white. Cockatiels also have different patterns on their feathers. Some of them might have stripes or zebra designs. Some are just a plain color with no patterns. Cockatiels can also be recognized by their sounds they make. They can chirp loudly, peep, and copy what you say. Lastly, there are rare types of cockatiels who are hard to recognize. Some of them are Fawns and Dilutes. They have rare color varieties and are rarely found.

Cockatiels eat all kinds of food.

 Cockatiels mostly eat a diet of seeds, oats, and sunflower seeds, anything else that is crunchy. They also like vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and slices of carrots. Soft foods help cockatiels while they are breeding. To cockatiels, they is a special treat that they love called millet. There are different varieties such as spray and domestic millets.

Cockatiel are also from many places.

 When cockatiels are in the wild, they are found in Australia. They live high up in trees when they are in the wild. They sometimes hang on branches and chew on the leaves in the wild. On the east coast, there are not many cockatiels.


In conclusion, cockatiels are your best friends!They are your friends in many different ways such as what they eat, what types  there is, and how to recognize what cockatiel you want!So find out if a cockatiel is right for you.