Gator News! Mayde Creek Elementary

January 20, 2022

Digital Citizenship is January 24-28 in Katy ISD

Each day on announcements we will give a Digital Citizenship focus of the day

Each grade level has a digital citizenship lesson that we will do in library over the next 2 weeks.

There will be a special dress day each day next week.

Attached is a poster for your weekly newsletter.

There is mini poster for each student in your box. Please send them home this week.

Thank you for your help!!

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Congratulations to our 21-22 Para and Teacher of the Year!

Coach Wilson

Mrs. Wilkins- Pre K

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Jan 26th:

Spirit Night at Chuy’s 4PM – 9PM

PTA General Membership Meeting @ Chuy’s 5:30PM

Monday, January 17, 2022 is a Holiday- Martin Luther King Day

Students and staff will be off this day and we will not have school!

See you back on Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Front Office Update

Parents- We are not accepting any FAST FOOD drop off items for students at this time. If your child forgets his or her lunch, please secure the food in a lunch kit or backpack.

Thank you for your support!

FYI: Gold bus (5095) is now 5258. They are working on getting a permanent driver but until that happens, they are asking parents to be patient and flexible with “waiting on the bus” in the morning and afternoon.

They are experiencing driver shortages.

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Return to School COVID-19 Updates Updated 1/3/2022

January- Back to School Updates

Parents will not be permitted past the vestibule doors during the month of January. If a parent is picking up a child from the clinic, the staff will bring your child to you.

During the month of January, lunch room visitors are not permitted on campus.

Guests and volunteers to the campus must be by appointment only. Please contact Naomi Guerrero to make this request at 281 237-3956.

Guests and volunteers when on campus during the instructional day will be required to wear a facial covering and have their temperature taken as part of the check-in process.

Do you need your child tested for Covid? Here is the free sign up for appointments only!

School Reminders

  1. Parents/guardians: Just a reminder to always bring your ID with you to school when you are picking up a student or are going to the cafeteria.

    Please remember that only a parent/guardian can check a student out. Emergency contacts cannot check out a student unless the Front Office has a note giving permission for that person to pick up.


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Recording of the KAP Parent Information Session -- Advanced Classes for Course Selection

PurposeFULL People Character Trait for January is KINDNESS

Read Aloud for grades K-2
What Does It Mean To Be Kind
Read Aloud for Grades 3-5
Somebody Loves You Mr Hatch

Make it a New Year for YOU

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Texas Education Agency has updated its Testing Platform!!!

Parents please click on these links and discuss with your child. Together we will SOAR!!

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Tardy Concern and Late Arrivals


Our gym staff has started to unload the car rider students each morning, five minutes before the students are allowed in the building in an effort to decrease the amount of tardies each morning. Today we had no one in line when the tardy bell rang at 7:55am. This is WONDERFUL! From 8:00 am - 8:20 am, we had a total of 50 students arrive tardy. Our school doors open each morning at 7:35 am. The tardy bell is at 7:55 am. We start instruction at 7:35 am with morning warm ups. Please help us get our kids ready for the day by having them arrive on time.

Thank you!

Parent & Family Engagement Policy (2021-2022)


Mayde Creek Elementary is dedicated to providing a quality education for all students. In order to meet the needs of all our students:

· We will develop and maintain partnerships with guardians.

· We will involve stakeholders in all programs offered at MCE.

· We will establish and maintain open lines of communication.

· We will expand and enhance learning opportunities.

· We will create the best learning environment for every child to learn, focusing on their individual goals & learning styles.

Parent & Family Involvement in Policy Development

The MCE Campus Advisory Team (CAT) is comprised of parents, members of the community, teachers, the school principal, and a district representative. This committee will discuss the design and implementation of the MCE Parent Involvement Policy.

Annual Meeting for Title I

MCE uses Title I funds to provide school-wide services for all students. MCE will hold at least one meeting annually to review Title I guidelines and services offered through the district. Copies of the district’s current Parent & Family Engagement Policy and the MCE parent-student compact will be distributed at the meeting. Parents will be encouraged to become involved in revising and updating the policy as necessary.

Parent-Student Compacts

In accordance with Title I regulations, the MCE Campus Advisory Team (CAT) has developed and will annually update a parent-student compact. This compact will provide an outline to enable the school and guardians to share responsibility for student performance and success. This compact explains how students, guardians, and staff will share responsibility for promoting student achievement.

The compacts are designed so that his/her parent can sign. Parent-Student compacts will be discussed at the annual parent/teacher conference.

Parental Engagement Opportunities

MCE will support numerous parental engagement opportunities as we strive to develop and maintain an optimum learning environment for all students:

· Translators will be provided for parents as needed.

· Information will be sent home in English and in Spanish if requested by a parent.

· Parents may contribute through volunteer programs such as PTA, VIPS, cafeteria monitors, Workroom Wednesday, etc.

· Parents may contribute by creating a supportive home environment.

· Parents are invited to participate in parent-teacher conferences at a minimum of one time per school year.

· Parents are invited to help plan and participate in classroom parties, activities, and field trips.

· Parents may participate by attending school meetings (Meet the teacher, Orientation, Title I and CAT planning.)

· Parents are invited to serve on committees.

· Parents are surveyed to get their input about school on an annual basis.

· Parents are invited to eat lunch with their children on Mondays for Kinder and 1st, Tuesdays for 2nd and 3rd and Wednesdays for 4th -5th.

Staff and Parent Communication

Stakeholders will be informed of school activities through various avenues of communication throughout the school year; they will be consulted regarding the Title I program.

Newsletters, teacher notes, the school marquee, conferences, personal contacts, phone calls, written notices, Remind 101 and Blackboard will be used to establish and maintain open lines of communication with stakeholders.


The Campus Advisory Team will review and evaluate all aspects of the Parent & Family Engagement Program. Parent surveys, including questions about the effectiveness of the program, will be distributed and the results tabulated. Teacher surveys and teacher contact records will be used to determine the kind of interaction between school and parents. The Campus Advisory Team (CAT) will revise the district Parent Engagement Policy based on the results of this annual review.


If you have any questions you may contact us at 281-237-3950 or through email at or

Customer Service at MCE!

Leadership is not just about what you do, but what you can inspire, encourage, and empower others to do. Leaders bring out the best in other people by sharing the best from within themselves.

- Jon Gordon | @jongordon11

Parents and Community-

I just wanted to welcome you all to our GATOR NEWS. I am hoping that you all find the information valuable and helpful. The front office team is here to SERVE you. If you ever have a question or concern that can't be answered or if you need someone to listen, please don't hesitate to contact me, Felicia A. Sheedy. As the leader of this school, I want to assure you that I take pride in you knowing my first name and that I am here to help you with ANYTHING. Your children light up my life every morning when I see them in the halls and my goal is for you to love our school as much as we all do. We are needing volunteers, KEYS Mentors and substitutes. The google docs are attached to this newsletter if you are interested. As always, if you have a concern, don't hesitate to call me directly.

With love and appreciation!

Felicia A. Sheedy

281 237-3957

Power School Updates- Students will not be permitted to attend field trips if this information is not updated each year. Please call Vicky Schwarz 281 237-3990 if you need assistance.

Annual Student Update via PowerSchool
NEW: The deadline has passed to complete the annual update. If you have not completed the update, an email will be sent to the address on file, requesting completion as soon as possible. Parents can access their child’s Annual Student Update form directly from within the Home Access Center (HAC). For detailed instructions on accessing the Annual Student Update via the HAC: Single Sign-on Step-by-Step Instructions Manual, Single Sign- on Step-by-Step Instructions Manual - Spanish. Parent Tech Support ticket

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Car Rider Line and TARDIES!!

The doors open to the school at 7:35am each day. Students can enter the school and get a warm free breakfast to take to their classroom.

Starting Monday, September 13, the staff will be coming into the school at 7:50 am so that the safety patrols and teachers arrive to their classroom before the TARDY bell rings. The coaches will continue to be outside to monitor the students entering the back doors. They will NOT be opening the car doors. At 7:55 am, the coaches will come in and the back doors will lock. Late parents will be expected to park on the side of the school near MCJH and walk their child into the front doors.

If you arrive after 7:55..... The following things will need to be done.

Parent sign in their late students, using their phone camera and scan the “late arrival” QR code on the walls. There is a set of QR codes on 2 walls in the vestibule

(We have an iPad available if parents do not have a phone)

After signing in, student will come in and get a tardy slip and go to class.

2021-2022 Admin Team- Mrs. Kara Fox, Ms. Felicia A. Sheedy and Mrs. Linda Wheeler

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Have you updated your annual meal application?

We use SchoolCafé to:

  • Set Purchase Restrictions
  • Get Low Balance Alerts
  • Submit Meal Applications
  • View Letters
  • View Purchases
  • View Menus

The applications are available within the SchoolCafe app at or if a paper application is preferred, they can download a copy from our website at .

If there are any questions regarding the application process, please have the parents contact me directly at 281-396-2662.

Thank you,

Brenda L Chinchilla,

Federal Programs Specialist

Katy ISD Nutrition and Food Service


281-396-2662 (direct)

KEYS (Keep Encouraging Youth Toward Success)

We NEED you to be that role model, encourager, and friend for our students! If you're interested in becoming a KEYS mentor. Please complete the application link below and select Mayde Creek Elementary as your school site.

Legacy Parent Academy

Click on the link below for the Legacy Parent Academy website page:

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Friendly reminder for our Kindergarten bus riders:

Kindergarten students MUST have a responsible adult or older sibling receive them at the bus stop at the END of the school day.

If an adult or older sibling is NOT present to receive the student, the bus will return the student back to Mayde Creek Elementary.

After students are returned to school, guardians are responsible for picking up their child. Thank you for your help with keeping our kindergarten gators safe.

New Car Rider Arrival and Dismissal Procedures!!

If you have driving by MCE this summer, you have noticed that our driveways and parking lots have received some much needed improvements. Our car riders will be arriving and dismissed through our Faculty Parking Lot in the back of the building. See the below map and instructions.

Buses have GPS!!! Learn more below!

The Katy ISD Transportation Department is excited to communicate that all 2021 – 2022 route buses are equipped with GPS systems.

With the GPS systems, parents, campuses and transportation personnel are able to track buses in real-time through a downloadable application from Edulog.

For parents and patrons having children who are eligible for transportation services in Katy ISD, the link below contains information on how to download the application. Your campus code is: 84426960.

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If your students are having a difficult time logging on to DreamBox through the Katy Cloud, they can log on using this link below.

  2. They need to click on "No Classroom Code"

3. Have them find and click on their class icon.

4. Student needs to sign in with their regular username and for the password they need to use katy123. Kinder has a picture password that is different per classroom. Contact your child’s math teacher for the picture password.

Si sus estudiantes tienen dificultades para iniciar sesión en DreamBox a través de Katy Cloud, pueden iniciar sesión utilizando este enlace a continuación. Deben hacer clic en "Sin código de aula". 3. Haga que busquen y hagan clic en el icono de su clase. 4. El estudiante debe iniciar sesión con su nombre de usuario habitual y la contraseña que necesita para usar katy123. Kinder tiene una contraseña de imagen que es diferente según el aula. Comuníquese con el maestro de matemáticas de su hijo para obtener la contraseña de la imagen.