Let's Finish 2015 STRONG!

Don't Delay!

Before I dive into kuddos (and there are so many--yay)! I want to start off with ideas to help you all finish 2015 in a great place! My goal first goal is to have as many Rolling Gemstones as possible earn their StyleFix coupons! Do you want $500 in new product for $99 in January? Whether you are one sale away or haven't sold a single thing this season, YOU CAN DO IT! And I want to help.....

Here is how:

1. Look at your calendar--find two hours in the next week to book your double dip show--you host and earn coaching commissions

2. Reach out to 10 woman with this note and then FOLLOW UP tomorrow! If you don't get a yes, offer to help with holiday shopping (remind them about Dot Dollars) and move on until you get that yes!

Hi Susan,
I hope you and your family had a happy Thanksgiving! The holidays are here and I would love for you to be one of my Holiday Hostesses! While shopping with your friends, you can earn the latest in holiday style and get some holiday gifts off your list for free with our hostess rewards! And I will have some new spring arrivals with me as well - you are going to love them!

I'm open December 5 and 6 - which one works best for you?

3. Send a customer newsletter! Check our team Facebook Page (The Rolling Gemstones https://www.facebook.com/groups/1593285084252143/) for a template you can edit and send

4. Participate in as many daily challenges as you can on our facebook page--I am giving a way lot's of fun goodies over the next couple weeks and would love for you to join us. (If you aren't on Facebook but would like the information shared with you--just reach out to your upline leader or me)

Below are three images to help inspire you to end this month and year strong! More over I would love nothing more than to help all of you reach your goals, enjoy some holiday spending money and share the #sdjoy! But keep reading--awesome November recap is below....



Rolling Gemstones YOU BROKE RECORDS in NOVEMBER! Here are just a few highlights that are giving me goosebumps this morning:

1. As a team we sold over $100,000 (HOLY SMOKES)

2. We had 4 new promotions--So over the moon for Erin Flesch our new STAR, Amy Ray our new Senior Stylist and Alex Scandrett and Jennifer Davis-Rivera our new Associate Stylists!

3. We had 3 re-promotions--Hooray for Megan Murphy Bergin and Diane Smith Grundberg for re-promoting to Associate Director and thanks to all of your incredible efforts this month, our team promoted back to a Director Team! Whoop!

4. We had 6 POWER SELLERS--seriously are you kidding me? How much are you going to love your blue card commissions this month?

Jennifer Pisani $10,018
Jill Law Neil $7,284 (and oh yea Jill was in her jumpstart--whoop!)
Erin Flesch $6,759
Diane Smith Grundberg $5,640
Wendy Cheatham Moulton $5,626
Sylvia Marin $5,066

5. In addition to that, 9 of you sold over $2300 and earned 30% commission (nice pay raise)

Amy Cuellar $4,555
Katarina Cerny $3,649
Amy Ray $3,617
Mimi McCarter Cunningham $3,474 (and in her jumpstart too!)
Renee Alberico $3,402 (and in her jumpstart too!)
Megan Murphy Bergin $3,222
Julie Holdsworth $3,117
Jennifer Borgh Goss $2,632
Kristen Danko $2,415

6. We added 5 new team members last month--Welcome to Kimberly Douglas, Lori Birkel, Brianna Barrett, Kayla Sandquist and Brooke Allison!

7. AND--wait for it--look at these girls who more than qualified which helped you obtain the sampling coupon for the Jan line launch or come darn close!

Nicole Kyros Greifenkamp
Tricia Bruttomesso
Oly Marina
Kathrine Bright
Shelley Williamson
Alice Alice Hoalst Knaack
Brenda Kakita
Joan Joany Crawford Dailey
Kim Barden
Lauren Lauren Stettin Fraser
Lynn Pacino
Addie Rasmusson
Tara Tara Such Ritchie
Michelle Zirbel
Eleni Filintarakis
Tricia Wilkerson
Bernadette Bernadette Chavez Hubacher
Jennifer Davis-Rivera
Lindsey Hargrove
Shawne Murphy Johnson
Eleanor Eleanor Vigorito Pieton
Jennifer Jen Navarro
Alexandra Alex Scandrett
Sally Balvanz
Gretchen Hageman
Sarah Aiello
Kari Heldmann
Kayla Sandquist

Big image

On a final note I couldn't be more grateful to work with this amazing group of woman! Please, please, please don't hesitate to reach out to your upline leader or me asap if we can help you reach your goals!

Enjoy this little reminder of what makes our company, our mission and the holiday gifts we will share OH SO FABULOUS!


Jen Pisani


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