The Pirate's Log

Week of February 8, 2016

This Week...

It's a short one!

I have meetings scheduled during our CPT on Monday and Tuesday. I'll be in Columbus on Wednesday and Thursday, which means you'll be on your own for your standards work this week. After our 4 day weekend, I'll be in Elyria on the 16th, so you'll be on your own for that day too.

Let's try to get at least one standard completely finished so that we can start sharing a few and learning from each other on Thursday, February 18. I'm sure I'll have learned a few more things by then and can share too.

Tech Audit

Thanks to Tammy Didion, Ashlee Shortridge, Kelley Sumner, Pam Shirtz, Lori Conkey, Megen Kania and Michelle Hand for volunteering to be our voices for the technology audit that is going to take place on Monday morning during our Common Plan Time!

They'll be meeting with Laurie Hille from NOECA in Ashlee Shortridge's classroom @ 8:15.

Book Wars...The Reader Awakens!

Our next Right to Read Week meeting will be Monday, February 8 @ 3:30!

All are invited to attend!

Fundations Reminders...

  • Intervention Training: February 9 and May 12 in the library
  • Coaching Visits: February 16, April 19 and May 13
  • End of Year Inventory Tool: DUE April 15

MakerSpace Donations

Per Kathy's email earlier this week...

I am looking for donations for our MakerSpace. If you hear of anyone pitching Legos, K'Nex, Lincoln Logs, or any other building type toys please ask them to consider donating to our library. I am also looking for art supplies. For example, if you have a couple of something and know you won't use it again we would be happy to take it off your hands for our little artists.

I'll put a blurb in our Proud Pirate too to see if we can get some donations from our families.

Meadowlawn Spirit Wear

Our PTO has been working hard on designing new Pirate Swag for our youngest Perkins Pirates and our staff. Kari Tomasula dropped off some samples of what is being sold at Meadowlawn. I put them in the supply room with a price sheet and ordering information.

Lots of cute stuff!


We're looking to implement a co-teaching model at each grade level next year. Lindsey Holeman has set up a school visit @ Vermilion Elementary School on February 22 (time to be determined).

If you're interested in co-teaching next year please email me.

Land Lab

Our PTO has offered to help us with our Land Lab!

Many of you showed interest in helping out with this at the beginning of the year. Please consider meeting with our PTO on Monday, February 29 @ 3:40 to share ideas and come up with a plan to make this space a great learning environment for our children...and a relaxing space for us too! :)

All are invited to attend!

Save the Date~Reading Series Presentations

Monday, February 22...Houghton Mifflin/Journeys 3:45-6:00

Wednesday, March 2...Pearson/Ready Gen 3:45-6:00

You'll be blue slipped for 2 hours each night, but must attend both nights so that both companies are represented equally.

Thinking Ahead...

Our SLO scores are due April 15.

Just a make it easier on you...

Go ahead and get your SLO assessments completed before Spring Break. This way, you'll have time to score and complete your SLO score sheets when you return after spring break.

Pirate Showcase~Setting Our Sails for the Future

Thanks for all of your collaboration with this event! It is going to be such a sight to see!

March 13, 2016


(You won't need to be there the whole time...but after hearing all of your ideas, you might need the whole time to see everything.)

Jenn's Schedule for the Week:


  • AM Mtgs.
  • Professional Leave @ 3:30
  • Right to Read Week Mtg. @ 3:40
  • Mtg. @ 8:10
  • Fundations Trainings (AM and PM)...@ Furry
  • Jenn in Columbus...Dr. Mahoney @ Furry


  • Jenn in Columbus...Dr. Mahoney @ Furry
  • No School

Dates to Remember

February 8

  • Tech Audit w/ Laurie Hille from NOECA (for those who showed interest)
  • Professional Leave @ 3:30
  • Right to Read Week Mtg. @ 3:40 (all are invited to attend)

February 9

  • Fundations Training

February 10

  • Jenn in Columbus/Dr. Mahoney @ Furry
  • Toasted Cheese and Tomato Soup in the cafeteria

February 11

  • Jenn in Columbus/Dr. Mahoney @ Furry

February 12

  • No School
  • Raise your glass! A Toast to Perkins @ Vine and Olive...get your tickets from Pam Shirtz
  • Furry and Meadowlawn students cheer @ PHS basketball game

February 15

  • No School

February 16

  • Fundations Coaching Visit
  • Kindergarten Meeting @ 3:40

February 17

  • Taco Salad in the cafeteria

February 18

  • Dine and Donate @ Applebees, 11:00AM-9:00PM
  • LPDC @ 3:30

February 22

  • Special Ed. Mtg. @ 8:10
  • Houghton Mifflin/Journey's Presentation @ 3:45-6:00

February 23

  • Next Steps @ 8:10

February 24

  • 2 Hour Delay-Wellness Committee

February 25

  • Toasted Cheese and Tomato Soup in the cafeteria

February 26

  • Next Steps @ 8:10

February 29

  • Crisis Team Mtg. w/ Tonya @ 8:10
  • Land Lab Mtg. w/ PTO @ 3:40

March 1

  • Next Steps @ 8:10

March 2

  • Pearson/Ready Gen Presentation, 3:45-6:00

March 3

  • BLT @ 3:45?

March 4

  • First Friday~
  • February Reward Day (PERKS)