Road to Revolutionary war

By: Jacob Switalski

Boston massacre

It all started on March 5 1770 With the Patriots throwing rocks at the british troops. Because they were going after one person The british troops fought back And they had weapons such as Hands,Knif's, Spears and Swords. So they had a advantage. And this major street fight killed and hert many people. About 50 citizens were attacked to.

Boston tea party

The Boston Tea Party was a giant meeting at the towns biggest building. They came to the meeting because they were upset with taxing with out representatives.They call it Boston Tea Party because it was in Boston and they drank Tea because the colonists drank a lot of Tea. Over 5,000 People attended the Boston Tea Party. It was on December 16, 1773 at 10:00 am. They thought sinse the colonists drank so much Tea they could tax it to make more money. And than the cost of tea went up. The sons of liberty set up the Boston tea party. They had to dress up as mohawks because they would get punished if they did not. But on one of the ships the tea was dumped out and ruined. About 9,659 dollars was ruined in their time. About 340 chests were dumped out and ruined. In our money right now it would have costed about 1,700,000 dollars in our cerency.


Lexington and Concord

It was a Fight and it was another major one because they captured Samuel Adams and John Hancock. Two very important members of the patriot movement. They could not use guns because they seized gun powder. So it was a no gun war. Started on April 19,1775. British soilders/troops marched from and boston to the closest concord to seize arms and cache. They sent about 700 troop members to seize them.