School Rules

User Agreement

The user agreement must be signed. This form has to be signed because if you want to use technology in the school your parent guardian must sign to prove you are allowed to use technology in school.

Use appropriate language

While using technology in school grounds you have to use appropriate language. You can't use inappropriate language because it is not nice using swear words.People can report on you cause of you used inappropriate language.

Educational Uses only

The school computers are only for educational purpose only.It is only for educational use because the district bought computers for work ,but in a fun way.

Access to technology on school grounds

Access to technology in the school is a privilege not a right. If you use tech in a wrong way you could not aloud to use computers etc. in school. A common saying is, " Other kids are using it why can't I ".

Aviod publishing stuff on media that represent staff or students.

Do not ever post anything that represent staff or students or you will be in trouble. You cannot post something bad about teachers that they are boring stuff like that.

No unathorized downloading files or software

No downloading games like minecraft etc. Downloading without teachers permission can lead top consequences.

No personal email or communication


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